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About Curt Steinhorst -  Speaker on Strategic Communications & Digital Distractions:

Curt Steinhorst  is on a mission to rescue us from our distracted selves. Having spent years studying the impact of tech on human behavior, Curt founded Focuswise, a consultancy that equips organizations to overcome the distinct challenges of the constantly-connected workplace.

 Diagnosed with ADD as a child, Curt knows intimately the challenges companies face in keeping the attention of today’s distracted workforce and customer. He has coached executives, TV personalities, and well-known professional athletes on how to effectively communicate and create focus when they speak to audiences, lead their employees, and engage their customers.

 Curt’s unique insight and entertaining speaking style has captured the attention of audiences worldwide. He speaks more than seventy-five times a year to organizations that include  everyone from global leadership associations and nonprofits to Fortune 100 companies.

 Curt is the author of the book Can I Have Your Attention? Inspiring Better Work Habits, Focusing Your Team, and Getting Stuff Done in the Constantly Connected Workplace,  publishing October 2017 (John Wiley & Sons).


What Curt Steinhorst Talks About:

Thriving In The Age of Distraction
In this dynamic and informative speech, Curt Steinhorst tackles the challenges we face in the digitally distracted, constantly connected workplace. He reveals the nature and origins of distraction—and how we can we master it to become more productive than ever.

There is a WAR for your people’s attention. With the advent of smartphones and digital tech, research shows:

Employees have never been more distracted

  • 70% of the workforce is not engaged.
  • 86% of workday emails aren’t vital to work.
  • 3 hours per day are lost to multitasking, a 40% reduction in efficiency.
  • Employees get distracted every 3 minutes—then need over 20 minutes to refocus.
  • 60% of online purchases occur during work hours.
  • Facebook’s busiest hours are in the middle of the workday.

Lack of focus costs you, your team, and your organization

Wasted attention costs your business $10,375 per employee annually. In fact, the U.S. workforce loses 28 billion hours a year to distraction—a $1 trillion hit to the economy.

The costs to your team can be monumental, including:

  • The inability to set priorities
  • Lower work quality and speed
  • Reduced attention spans
  • Emotional disengagement
  • Paralysis amid constant distraction
  • Sick time arising from a compulsion to respond immediately to messages

We must become focus-wise. The solution lies in achieving balance. To simplify without dumbing down. To be digitally connected without being addicted. To transform devices from sources of distraction to tools of focus. Being focus-wise means:

  • Truly understanding focus (including the right way to multitask)
  • Knowing its hidden factors (and why the 10,000-hour rule is a myth)
  • Engaging the sources of interruption (can cat videos actually help?)
  • Creating community buy-in (communication that’s productive instead of distracting)
  • Counting the cost (and why money isn’t the hottest currency)

Curt can help

Having spent years studying the impact of technology on human behavior, Curt teaches us to win the battle against digital distraction by effectively allocating our attention. When we do, it leads to dramatically increased: 

  • Engagement
  • Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Retention
  • Innovation

What your team will gain

By the end of the speech, your audience will understand:

  • The consequences of perpetual distraction
  • The surprising science, value, and boundaries of focus 
  • How to create environments and processes that cultivate attention
  • How to engage intelligently with technology instead of letting it take control
  • What it means to be focus-wise and why it should be a primary goal

Strategic reinforcements

Attendees who provide their email will receive:

  • A 10-minute Summary Video so that the speech’s main points can be internalized 
  • Focus Tools, a Focuswise technology list to make sure tools work for your people, not the other way around
  • A Communication Compact, a Focuswise resource to revolutionize your team’s relationship to technology and ensure effective communication 

Reaching The Distracted Customer
Today's customers are harder than ever to reach—and retain. Attention drives their decision-making, but their attention has never been more divided.  Simply put, the digital age has rewired your customers.  What does this mean for your sales approach?  

In this timely and informative speech, Curt Steinhorst tackles the key questions: What’s changed in customer expectations, and what hasn’t? How can you surprise and delight customers inundated by messaging? How can you leverage distraction to reach them more effectively?

Access should equal opportunity (94% of the U.S. population owns a smartphone, after all). But as the noise grows, the signal weakens—making effective customer engagement seem suddenly hopeless. Research shows: 

  • 215 emails hit us every day
  • 4,000 texts flash across our phones every month
  • Adults spend over 25 hours a week on social media
  • Americans consume 4 times as much information as we did in 1986
  • 500 million tweets are sent daily
  • Facebook gets 49 million new posts—every 15 minutes

To adapt, you must turn distraction into focus 

How do you get customers to spend their precious attention on you? They still demand convenience, connection, choice, and control. What’s changed—radically—is what those four C’s mean to your audience.

Successful businesses set themselves apart by:

  • Restoring a compelling sense of place regardless of location
  • Getting to the point for audiences with limitless options and limited patience
  • Creating emotional engagement by turning constant connectivity into true connection
  • Becoming the trusted expert who spares customers from information overload

Curt can help

Having spent years studying the impact of technology on human behavior, Curt demystifies the habits and tendencies of today’s customers. He knows what it takes to bypass the noise and sharpen the focus of your brand for a digitally distracted, constantly connected audience.  

What your team will gain

By the end of the speech, your audience will understand:

  • How to turn the need for instant gratification into bankable attention
  • Why people are wired to seek new and novel stimulus, especially in visual form
  • How to harness the power of emotional connection to drive attention 
  • The recipe for becoming an authority who guides customers instead of pitching to them 
  • The key trends (re)shaping the behavior of distracted customers

Strategic reinforcements

Attendees who provide their email will receive:

  • A 10-minute Summary Video so that the speech’s main points can be internalized 
  • A Communication Compact, a Focuswise resource to revolutionize your team’s relationship to technology and ensure effective communication 

Becoming A Focus-wise Leader
Since most organizations today are passively going the way of distraction, the few who wake up to the gravity of the situation and learn how to take control of their attention will see their value in the marketplace multiplied.  You set the example for how to manage your attention in the workplace. You're also in charge of figuring out how to reach your distracted customer. This speech is directed toward leaders who watch as their bottom lines and employee engagement are negatively impacted by the always-distracted workforce.

In this leader-focused speech, Curt Steinhorst answers: How can you communicate with your team to create a focused environment at work? And how can you help your organization truly stand out from the noise?  What can you do to more effectively manage the rising demands on your own attention?

Smarter Communication In The Age of Distraction
With communication barriers removed, the demands on today’s employees have never been greater.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of today’s organizations are upholding values, setting expectations, and relying on processes that actually contribute to the noise, stifling the productivity they are trying to create. The results are costly: 70% of today's workforce is disengaged from their work. That's dire, but it also means there's a huge opportunity for your team if you fix the problem from the inside out.

In this team-focused speech, Curt Steinhorst answers: How do you create organizational habits for open communication and highly-focused work?  How do you create environments and processes that actually bolster your capacity for focus rather than harm it?  How do you engage with emerging technology without letting it exploit you?

Enemies of Successful Communication
Are you afraid of the stage?  Have you been losing the battle to win your audience? This speech draws on the insights Curt uses to capture and keep the attention of the 50,000+ people to whom he speaks annually. Before his work through FocusWise, Curt was the founder of a public speaking consultancy called Promentum Group, which is still in existence today.  He’s served as a speaking coach and speech writer for top performers, from executives, TV personalities, and TED Talk presenters, to NFL hall of famers, Olympic gold medalists, and the Heisman Trophy winner.  

You might not plan to speak in front of thousands, but your ability to communicate will profoundly shape your success. In this illustrational speech, Curt confronts the mindsets, wrong beliefs, and fallacies that increase your anxiety, hold back your potential, and lose your listeners.  Curt has learned—no one is a natural born speaker.  All speakers face anxiety before taking the stage.  And everyone can benefit from learning how to conquer the enemies of successful communication.

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Curt’s ability to command the undivided attention of the room is second to none. For someone who claims that attention is the heart of communication, he really lives up to his message on stage.


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