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About Kaihan Krippendorff -  Strategy and Innovation Expert & Founder of Outthinker:

Kaihan Krippendorff is the founder of Outthinker a growth strategy consulting firm. He is a former McKinsey consultant and author of four business strategy books, most recently Outthink the Competition. 

Kaihan specializes in serving financial service, technology, and retail firms who recognize the need to move away from traditional linear models to embrace agile, digital strategies for the accelerating world. His clients include ABC TV, AIG, BNY Mellon, Citibank, Pershing, TIAA, Realogy, Microsoft, VM Ware, and Johnson & Johnson.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammad Yunus has said, "Kaihan shows that with a compelling idea anyone can change the world" and that message has made Kaihan one of the most sought-after public speakers on the topics of business, strategy, and innovation. 

He earned his BS in Finance from Wharton Business School, BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, MBA from Columbia Business School, and holds a Doctorate of Science in Economics.


What Kaihan Krippendorff Talks About:

Outthink the Competition
Based on his most recent book, Outthink the Competition, Kaihan delivers a set of proven business strategy tools he has used with more than 300 clients to create innovative growth ideas, ideas that increase revenue, profit, and the trajectory of your career. Blending together first-hand stories of inspiring business and social innovators, from Elon Musk to Noble Peace Prize winner Mohammad Yunus, Kaihan’s presentation will teach you a tested method that will help your company develop innovative growth ideas that will make you more competitive and unlock growth. 

Intrapreneurship: Driving Innovation from Within
“Innovation” brings to our mind the maverick entrepreneur who quits their job, at unimaginable odds, to build a business on their own. The business leaders we most admire – Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey – follow remarkably similar paths. They left school or a career; they were passionate to solve a problem; they faced daunting hurdles; they fought through a jungle of disbelief, self-doubt, and sometimes betrayal; and ultimately they came out smiling on the other end. 

But this entrepreneurial story is a myth. 

Kaihan argues that intrapreneurs – employees who incubate new businesses within corporations – have had a far greater impact on the world. Nearly all of the most transformative innovations over the past three decades, from e-mail and the Internet to DNA sequencing and MRI scans, were introduced by employees who did not quit their jobs but instead took the challenge of innovating from within. 

Innovating Beyond Product” or “Innovating Across 8 Dimensions
When we say “innovation” we almost always mean “product innovation.” We talk about research & development and possible new solutions to meet unmet needs. This is a one-dimensional and incomplete approach to innovation. Dissect the most innovative companies of the last decade and you will see that great innovators disrupt their markets by reaching beyond the product. Oftentimes their success rests on choices that have little to do with new products. 

In this presentation, Kaihan will take you through engaging examples from a broad array of industries such as Urban Outfitters in apparel, IKEA in furniture, VMware in technology, SpaceX in space launch vehicles, MasterCard in payments, and Vistaprint in printing services, showing how companies that outperform their competition seek disruptive innovation across eight dimensions (8Ps):

  • Positioning: how can you own a position your competitors will resist copying?
  • Product: where can you underperform to outperform somewhere else?
  • Price: how can you change the basis of pricing?
  • Place: what new channels will surprise your market?
  • Promotion: how can you achieve a radically lower customer acquisition cost?
  • Processes: what small process can produce disruptive transformations?
  • Physical Experience: how can you innovate what customers see, smell, feel, hear, or taste?
  • People: can you rethink hiring, organizing, incentivizing, or culture to create a sustained advantage?
Strategic Acumen
According to a study of 60,000 managers across 140+ counties, your ability to think strategically is the most important business leadership trait you can show – more important than your innovativeness, influence, communication skills, or ability to get things done. Based on a course developed for the Wharton Business School, leveraging his proprietary research, Kaihan will ground you in the strategic concepts you must master to create a competitive advantage for your business or company.  This motivating presentation will help your company to develop leaders ready to navigate the unpredictable changes of the rapidly evolving business landscape.

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Kaihan’s groundbreaking work on strategy development changes the game for organizations facing an increasingly competitive environment


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