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About Andrew Haley - Paralympic Swimmer and Inspirational Speaker:

Andrew Haley is a world champion and Paralympic swimmer who now inspires audiences as a talented public speaker. Andrew Haley is a champion at all levels! As a child Andrew had cancer twice and each time was given a 35% chance to pull through. Although he lost part of his right leg, he never lost his fight and despite the long odds he fought and won. He has used that same fight all his life. He is a world class Paralympic swimmer and successful businessman who now works for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Andrew won Nova Scotia's male Athlete of the Year honours twice and has been his swimming team's captain. Combining more than 30 years of personal success and failures, he has been able to draw on his vast experiences to relate to any situation. Through his life work, he has inspired countless companies, school kids, individuals and organizations with his WORLD CLASS mind set.

Andrew's list of World Class performances is impressive. In his career he won a gold medal at the 1994 Games in Victoria, BC and became the first ever disabled athlete in Canada to win a gold medal at this competition. He has also owned the podium at World Championships (1998, 2002) and the Paralympic Games (2000) and did so in World Record time. In addition to the medals, he has set numerous World and Canadian Records along the way.

Andrew also finds time to give back to his community. He is involved in the charity RIGHT TO PLAY and also visits schools in Ontario to talk to students about making better choices when it comes to the environment and to be more active. In addition, he volunteers his time working with Athletes Can, a national group that supports athletes.

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What Andrew Haley Talks About:

Andrew truly believes that anything is possible if you believe in it. Achieving so much success has been the result of many goals set and achieved. Andrew is able to relate his approach to setting goals to any business setting and relate his theories on achievement to any circumstances. Brian Williams of CBC Sports once said, that is the thing about Andrew Haley, always giving 110% no matter what. It is this determination and dedication that has set Andrew Haley apart. Andrew will share his thoughts on winning as well on how to deal with defeat.

Andrew's story will help you realize that nothing is impossible; and help your company realize that its never too early to start dreaming.

Follow Your Destiny
Building on his own remarkable experiences, Andrew Haley shares with his audiences key strategies that lead to great performance.

  • Set your standards high - aim for the top!
  • Decide beforehand what you want to achieve
  • Make a commitment to continuous improvement
  • Stick to the goal... no matter what.
  • Be focused and believe to achieve
  • Attitude... Attitude... Attitude..

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Andrew did great at our events! I have received several positive comments from the audience. Comments such as:
This is exactly what I needed to hear at this moment in my life

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