David Ben speaker

David Ben

Entertainer and speaker on innovation, author of Advantage Play: A Manager's Guide to Creative Problem Solving.

Andrew Bennett speaker

Andrew Bennett

Speaker on The Magic of Leadership and Corporate Culture

Bob Blumer speaker

Bob Blumer

'Gastronaut,' TV Personality, Author and Motivational Speaker

Kathy Buckley speaker

Kathy Buckley

Hearing-impaired comedienne, inspiring and entertaining speaker and author.

Brent Butt speaker

Brent Butt

Stand-Up Comedian, sought after entertainer and star of television's Corner Gas and Hiccups

Karyn Buxman speaker

Karyn Buxman

Business Speaker on Humor and Hope

Judy Carter speaker

Judy Carter

Stand-up comic, humor in the workplace expert, and author of Standup Comedy: The Book.

Christine Cashen speaker

Christine Cashen

Authority on innovative ideas to handle conflict, reduce stress and motivate employees.

Scott Christopher speaker

Scott Christopher

Speaker and Author on Using Humor to Excel Personally and Professionally

Tim Clue speaker

Tim Clue

Funny Motivational and Team-Building Speaker and Host/MC

Simon Cotter speaker

Simon Cotter

Award-Winning Corporate Comedian and Speaker.

Sean Cullen speaker

Sean Cullen

Interactive corporate comedian. Star of The Producers.

Roman Danylo speaker

Roman Danylo

Corporate stand up comedian, improviser and actor. A star of Comedy Inc. on CTV & The Comedy Network.

Will Davis speaker

Will Davis

Bilingual Stand-Up Comedian; Featured on Just For Laughs and Comedy Night in Canada

Derek Edwards speaker

Derek Edwards

Stand-up comedian, corporate entertainer.

Harry Freedman speaker

Harry Freedman

Highly entertaining 'imposter' for corporate audiences.

Scott Friedman speaker

Scott Friedman

Motivating speaker on using humor as a sales tool, to improve service, communicate and improve management.

Andre-Philippe Gagnon speaker

Andre-Philippe Gagnon

World renowned musical impressionist/comedian and bilingual performer.

Tim Gard speaker

Tim Gard

Pioneer in Humor-Based Training, Member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Comedian and Author

Vinh Giang speaker

Vinh Giang

Entrepreneur, Magician, and Speaker

Bob Gray speaker

Bob Gray

Entertaining and humorous speaker, teaches audiences how to train their memories for business.

Adam Growe speaker

Adam Growe

Host of Discovery Channel Canada's Cash Cab & corporate comedian.

Charles Hazlewood speaker

Charles Hazlewood

World Renowned Conductor, and Speaker on Trust & Teamwork

Vicki Hitzges speaker

Vicki Hitzges

Motivational Speaker and Author on how to cultivate positive working environments

Dennis Hull speaker

Dennis Hull

Former NHL Star and Brother of Bobby Hull, sports legend and keynote speaker or Master of Ceremonies

Paul Huschilt speaker

Paul Huschilt

Speaker, Actor, and Satirizer rolled into an unusual ball of corporate messaging and humor. 

Dale Irvin speaker

Dale Irvin

Professional Summarizer, Author and Comedic Speaker

Diana Jordan speaker

Diana Jordan

Corporate Comedian & Laughter Therapist

Michael Kerr speaker

Michael Kerr

Entertainer and speaker on health, reducing stress, and using humor in the workplace.

Deborah Kimmett speaker

Deborah Kimmett

Second City veteran and humorous speaker on change and communication.

Victoria Labalme speaker

Victoria Labalme

Entertainer and keynote speaker on communication

Loretta LaRoche speaker

Loretta LaRoche

International consultant on stress management. Keynotes and workshops that are both hilarious and practical.

Wayne Lee speaker

Wayne Lee

Comedic hypnotist, corporate entertainer, inspiring speaker.

Ron MacLean speaker

Ron MacLean

Canada's favorite sports broadcaster.

Mark Mayfield speaker

Mark Mayfield

Corporate comedian and speaker on communication.

Dr. Will Miller speaker

Dr. Will Miller

Psychologist and Speaker on Mental Health and Well-Being

Colin Mochrie speaker

Colin Mochrie

Comedian and star of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and This Hour Has 22 Minutes. A Second City alumnus, corporate entertainer.

Brad Montgomery speaker

Brad Montgomery

 Humorous Motivational Speaker

Roger Nierenberg speaker

Roger Nierenberg

Maestro and Leadership Speaker

The Passing Zone speaker

The Passing Zone

Entertainers, Speak on Teamwork

Mike Rayburn speaker

Mike Rayburn

Guitar virtuoso, inspirational, comedic and entertaining performer.

Steve Rizzo speaker

Steve Rizzo

Corporate comedian, motivational speaker, author and entertainer.

Meg Soper speaker

Meg Soper

Corporate entertainer, motivating speaker on work life balance.

Kelly Swanson speaker

Kelly Swanson

Award-Winning Storyteller, Comedian, Motivational Speaker

Erik Wahl speaker

Erik Wahl

Graffiti Artist, Author, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

David Webster speaker

David Webster

Emmy Award Winner and Speaker on Communication and Organizational Culture

Brian Williams speaker

Brian Williams

Legendary sports broadcaster and inspiring speaker.

Benjamin Zander speaker

Benjamin Zander

Boston Philharmonic Conductor and leader speaker.

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