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About Adam Markel - Best-selling Author & Business Mentor on Personal and Professional Growth:

A recognized expert in the integration of business and personal development, Adam Markel has led programs for more than 100,000 people around the globe in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, finances, health, spirituality, and relationships. His latest book is the best-selling PIVOT: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life.

Known as one of the most charismatic speakers you'll ever see, Adam has shared the stage with superstars such as Tony Robbins, Stedman Graham, and Michael J. Fox. Adam has reinvented what it means to be a heart-centered and authentic leader. He's admired for his refreshing, powerful, practical, and inspiring impact on entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and leaders. 

Prior to co-founding More Love Media, Adam was CEO of North America's largest human potential company, continuing his transformational work as a trainer/facilitator and master program and curriculum developer. Before that, Adam founded a multi-million dollar law firm specializing in finance, commercial and employment litigation. Adam has also built and invested in a variety of businesses, from restaurants to real estate.  Adam holds a BS in English and began his career as a public school teacher. Adam has tremendous and diverse experience in business, leadership, mentoring, and facilitation of experiential programs for large and small groups--and knows what it takes to thrive as an entrepreneur, business owner, and corporate leader.

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What Adam Markel Talks About:

The Art of the PIVOT
Have you ever wished you could make a significant change in your life or career, but been uncertain how to begin, or perhaps simply found the process too difficult to sustain?

It happens to everyone, but Adam Markel has a few proven methods for success.  You’ll learn from Adam about the power of creating conscious change in your life through small changes.

A recognized expert on personal and professional reinvention, Adam reveals his top strategies and tools for creating a new path towards happiness, fulfillment, and whatever personal or professional goal you’ve set your sights on, including finding your big "why" for living, and shares inspirational stories of people who have made small changes in their lives to produce massive transformation over time.

The Conscious Pivot: Creating Greater Impact Through Greater Vision
Today, constant and never-ending innovation is the key to sustainable success. An innovation is the reinvention of something in a progressive, forward-moving direction. Therefore, our ability to reinvent - or pivot – is critical to lasting, meaningful success. Pivoting well requires agility, resilience, and the ability to manage change consciously. A conscious pivot requires a broader vision; a more holistic approach to innovation and performance management. With greater “vision” comes greater “impact” in the world. Adam shares his top strategies and tools for successfully pivoting and producing massive positive transformation over time.

The Leadership Quotient
Leadership has been defined in many ways over the years. For the most part, it is associated with a person that holds a position of authority - or someone with the ability to influence others irrespective of their hierarchical title. However, businesses that are the most successful are those that recognize that successful leadership is, first and foremost, rooted in personal responsibility. Great teams are made up of great leaders.

However, Adam contends that as a society, we all too often look for leadership and problem- solving in other individuals, governments, and/or politicians. By doing so, we are abandoning self-accountability, and thereby, abdicating leadership and perpetuating a culture of mediocrity with an actual lack of leadership. 

A company, team, or organization with a powerful “leadership quotient” is one in which all members are leaders of themselves first. They are self-directed and self-motivated because they are actively taking responsibility and accountability for themselves. Leadership also involves being a good follower.

How does one achieve this holy grail of management?  It requires a focus on the principles of self-accountability and a mindset of ownership. Adam shares strategies and tools to create a culture of effective leadership and an exponentially stronger team.

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