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About Alan Bean - Astronaut:

Alan Bean, one of the first Americans on the moon, was the lunar module pilot on Apollo 12 and Spacecraft Commander of Skylab Mission II (SL-3). He has helped establish 11 world records in space and astronautics, and was awarded two NASA distinguished Service Medals. In his 18 years as a NASA astronaut, Alan saw sights that no artist, past or present has ever seen first hand. Today, as an accomplished painter, he creates paintings that record his explorations into the world of outer space.

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What Alan Bean Talks About:

To each of his motivational and inspirational presentations, Alan Bean brings a powerful and perceptive viewpoint - one deeply rooted in a rare and life-changing experience. As the lunar module pilot on Apollo 12, he stood on the moon, saw the earth rise and watched as it hung silently and delicately against a black and infinite universe. It was the ultimate group photo of all earth's inhabitants and one that left Alan with the supreme conviction that as human beings, our only limits are those we impose on ourselves.

Alan is a natural and persuasive communicator. He speaks from experience and from the heart. Covering topics that range from teamwork, achievement, risk taking and goal setting to attitude control, maximizing potential, creative thinking and leadership, Alan customizes each presentation to the specific goals of his clients. While no two presentations are ever the same, his ultimate message is always profound: with extra effort and dedication to accomplishment all things are possible.

Alan shares his unique view of two universes - the one in space and the personal one each of us carries within, and motivates us make the most of the roles we play in both. For organizations and the individuals who make them up, nothing is more important than the dreams we hold today, and with a relatively short window space in which to achieve those dreams, what better time is there then now to reach for those dreams?

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Alan was awesome!! He was very well received and hit every topic relavent. People were so thrilled and honored to have him here.


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