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About Andre-Philippe Gagnon - Corporate Entertainer and Impressionist:

Andre-Philippe Gagnon is a World-renowned musical impressionist and comedian. The bilingual performer recently spent three years as Las Vegas headliner. He has been selling out the house and then bringing it down in Las Vegas for the past three years. Of French-Canadian origin, Andre spent over a decade touring the country and the world prior to the beginning of his Vegas show.

Equally talented as a performer in English or in French, he has opened for Celine Dion, and appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Gagnon's appearance at any event is a spellbinding cross between comedy act and concert, with a cast of thousands. His guests have included Mick Jagger, Louis Armstrong, Jean Chretien, Fred Flintstone, Michael Jackson, and many more!

A native of Loretteville, Quebec, Gagnon's a master of accents, and has given over a hundred performances in English to nearly a quarter of a million Canadian fans. His most famous number is a virtuoso performance of all 18 voices in the legendary famine relief song, We Are the World, which has become Gagnon's classic since he first sang it on TV for the song's co writer and composer Lionel Ritchie.

In the Spring of 94, he made a remarkable breakthrough into Europe. In Brussels and in Paris, he received nightly standing ovations, an honor rarely bestowed by European audiences. He was such a success that he was invited back to Brussels and to the prestigious Casino de Paris in early 1995. In the fall of 1994, after a five year absence from Montreal scene, the Gagnon Laporte team took the city by storm with their brand new show. The most dynamic duo on the planet strikes again! Andre Philippe Gagnon has become a veritable globe trotter around Europe and Canada. His European tours have audiences feverishly awaiting the arrival of the world's greatest impressionist. It's Gagnomania.

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What Andre-Philippe Gagnon Talks About:

An impressionist with an eye on the world, Andre Philippe Gagnon can slip into Joe Cocker's husky croon and out again as Dionne Warwick quicker than most performers can take a curtain call. From Mick Jagger to Vanessa Paradis, Louis Armstrong, Jean Chretien and Fred Flintstone, his impressions of famous personalities are rapid fire magic. His secret is an engaging mix of comedy and music. With material written by his longtime collaborator Stephane Laporte, Gagnon's take on the who's who of the world is funny and full of delicious detail. But in between the jokes, his amazing voice actually delivers the essence of some great singers.

Gagnon's new show is a spellbinding cross between comedy act and concert with a cast of hundreds! Since the international Just for Laughs Festival in 1985, and his subsequent appearance with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, Andre Philippe Gagnon has become one of Canada's top comedians in English and French. A Montreal concert sold 21,000 tickets in a single day nearly two million Quebecois tuned in for his first Radio Canada TV special which went on to win a Gemeau Award as best comedy TV show of 1993.

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The crowd stays on its feet stomping, crying: more, more, more!

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