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About Brad Montgomery - Humorous Motivational Speaker:

Brad Montgomery never planned to be a nationally recognized humorist motivational speaker, business comedian, publisher and author. After earning his degree at Brown University he took a year off to perform magic with the intention to return to his studies. The year of magic never ended. Brad Montgomery is now a motivational speaker with a background in entertainment who presents funny business keynotes to coporate, associaton and government audiences who need a lift, bringing laughter & magic blended with a simple yet powerful message about connecting a positive work culture and life to an excellent work product.  Brad laughs and explains, “Mostly, my clients ask me to remind them to lighten up … because happiness will help them in life — and at work." His message helps connect engagement, passion, and meaningfulness to increases in revenue, better leadership, and graceful change management. Brad believes your people need to leave with concrete strategies and take aways to help them make sense of what they know, the chamge they are faced with, and the people they work and partner with. 

Brad joined John Gray (of Mars/Venus fame) and Mark Victor Hansen (of Chicken Soup renown) to write Mission Possibe. He also co-authored and published Humor Me: America's Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter, a "How to" book about using humor and friendship as a tool. Chapters about Humor in the Workplace, Humor and the Phone , Humor and Creativity ....and more and to date has sold over 100,000 copies. He is also published, edited and co-authored the follow-up book, Humor Us: America's Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter. Chapters in this book about Humor in the Workplace, Business , Marriage, Kids and Creativity.

Brad has been inducted into the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame and has his Certified Speaking Professional. He's a motivational speaker that knows how to make audiences laugh. He's a funny guy with wisdom that businesses, health care organizations, and governments crave. Organiztions that have partenered with Brad to help their people become more creative, and innovative and productive through happiness include Kraft, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Proctor and Gamble. PLus CIA,the FBI, and the IRS. 

Brad Montgomery lives in Centennial, Colorado – a suburb of Denver – with his attorney wife. (Brad assumed that the next best thing to being a lawyer was tricking one into marrying him.) Although he is proud of his many awards and national credits, he’s convinced that his best tricks so far are his three small kids.

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What Brad Montgomery Talks About:

Laugh-O-Nomics: Connecting Happiness At Work To Bottom Line Success
Happiness isn’t some fuzzy emotion. It’s an attitude. It’s a set of skills and techniques. They can be learned, they are easier to incorporate than most people think, and best of all we can see measurable, positive results very quickly. And there is no better way to get your people on the happiness track than with this signature presentation.

This is not a garden-variety motivational speech. In fact, calling Laugh-O-Nomics a motivational speech is a misnomer. Laugh-O-Nomics is a powerful course in fundamental skill-building that maximizes your company’s most important asset: your employees. And it’s taught by a professional who understands intimately the connection between happiness and work.

Highly interactive, hilarious and engaging, this keynote teaches that happiness is up to us. Furthermore, the payoff for happiness has a huge impact on our bottom line results. 

The How’s And Wise of Happiness at Work
Happiness and what would it mean to your organization if your team was able to increase your productivity by 25%?

Like you, Brad Montgomery believes that because we spend so much time at work we should find ways to maximize our happiness on the job. Common sense tells us that happiness is valuable.

In this keynote, Brad goes beyond common sense to explain that there is some really cool — and fairly new — science about just how valuable happiness at work is. Not only does happiness just plain feel good, it has a direct business payoff. Happy people outperform their unhappy peers in pretty much every measurable business metric.

Motivation:  Embrace Your Awesomeness
It’s simple.  Brad believes that everybody needs to be told that they are awesome.  They can make a difference.  They can take responsibility. They can take ownership. And they should do all of these things and more.

Brad believes that we generally underestimate our influence. So in this motivational keynote he reminds people how much power and influence they have, and it encourages them to motivate and build up those around them. He inspires them to get up and take action. To make a difference. To see that they have a purpose in life.

Supported with humor, stories, the craziest use of PowerPoint you've ever seen, music and even confetti Brad takes on motivating your team to be their best to a new (and very funny) level.

Don’t Just Survive Change.  Thrive with Change!
What would it mean to your organization if your people stopped fighting Change and instead Craved it?  Yeah.  We know.  It would be huge.

Brad understands that the real problems behind change are fear and uncertainty.  Your people don’t like change because “Doing things the way we used to do them” is more comfortable than learning the new systems, processes and thought-patterns necessary for success and long-term sustainability.

Brad believes that when we stay stagnant we lower our long-term happiness. Yup, it’s comfortable continue the same way, but it’s not great for our long-term personal wellness-of-being.  It doesn’t make us happy; lack of change makes us unhappy.

Change is tough.  Change is challenging. And change requires effort. But in the end, it’s this very effort that helps improve our own attitudes. Change actually makes us better.

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