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About Chris Johnson - Speaks about Health, Wellness, and Peak Performance:

Chris Johnson is a nationally recognized speaker and author. He is the founder and CEO of On Target Living, a health and performance company that helps organizations achieve performance goals and increase efficiency. He regularly speaks to businesses on the health and performance strategies needed to infuse energy into their lives and increase productivity in the office. Johnson has worked in partnership with several Fortune 100 companies to improve the overall corporate performance of their executives and employee base.

Along with speaking and consulting, Johnson has also created the On Target Living brand that helps consumers think about how they rest, eat and move. He has authored several books, produced exercise DVDs and masterly crafted his signature product, The Food Target. As the CEO and founder of On Target Living, Chris currently travels around the world educating and empowering people to take small steps—one day at a time—in order to live life optimally and to the fullest. He holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology from Michigan State University and certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise, along with over 20,000 hours of one-on-one personal training.

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What Chris Johnson Talks About:

The Power of Feeling Your Best: REST EAT MOVE
Would you like to have more energy?  Greater health?  Do you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep? Overmedicated?  Would you like to have better work/life balance?  Are you performing at your best? Are you wondering how to turn it all around and find that spark that makes tomorrow different than today?

Now is your time to experience “The Power of Feeling Your Best” and learn the 3 essential pillars for optimal health and peak performance: REST/EAT/MOVE.  Chris Johnson will educate and inspire you to live life to the fullest by explaining the benefits of rest and recovery, proper nutrition, and daily movement.  He will show you how to make simple upgrades to health while helping you uncover ways to make time for personal development, career, and family.  

Check Your Pulse: The Heart of Optimal Performance
Today, more than ever, the key to sustainable success is learning how to build, protect and manage your energy! Energy is a limitless commodity and the lifeblood for optimal performance. Many people perform at high levels from time to time, but what would happen if you felt strong and alive with great energy on a consistent basis? Learn how RESTING, EATING and MOVING can change the pulse for your business and in your life. Improve your health, energy, and bring more vitality into your business. The keys are in YOU! The time is NOW to be more fully engaged, take on more challenges and have the drive to execute in your business! Your body is talking to you. Are you listening? Peak performance expert, Chris Johnson, shows you how to check your pulse for better balance, energy and vitality!

5 Keys:

1. What is Possible in Your Life?
        2. Discovering Your “WHY”
        3. Learn to rejuvenate on a daily basis
        4. Understand simple upgrades for better nutrition
        5. Making exercise more enjoyable

Decoding Your Health: Clues and Strategies for Optimal Health & Performance
Problems sleeping?  Acid reflux?  Type 2 Diabetes? High Blood Pressure?  Chronic pain? Low testosterone?  Thyroid issues? Overmedicated? If you answered yes to any or all of these now is the time to learn how to decode your health.  Your body is talking to you and it’s time to listen! 

In this fast moving and engaging presentation filled with “real life stories,” the audience will learn how to recognize the clues the body is giving to determine easy-to-implement solutions needed to achieve greater health and performance.

Eat Like a Superhero One Superfood at a Time
On Target Living is a program that teaches you how to EAT like a superhero by incorporating the healthiest foods into your daily routine.  On Target eating increases energy, overall health, and peak performance. This session will teach you all about food and what eating patterns are the most beneficial for the body.  Discover where the best foods come from, what to eat, why to eat, when to eat, and how to eat for better health and well-being.

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Chris offers a compelling message and practical strategies for healthy living.


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