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About Connie Dieken - Best-selling Author and Thought Leader on The Art of Influence:

Connie Dieken is one of the world’s leading thought leaders on influence and executive presence. She’s the founder of The Dieken Group, an executive coaching, consulting, and training firm that transforms people into powerful, purposeful influencers with remarkable adaptability in changing times. 

A former Emmy award-winning and Telly award-winning broadcast journalist, Connie spent more than 20 years among the most influential people in the public eye and studied their unique patterns to move others to action. She uses her experiences and unique Connect, Convey, Convince® methodology as a foundation to prepare clients for the challenges and uncertainties of today’s communications. 

A Radio & TV Broadcasters Hall of Fame inductee, Connie helps leaders maximize their relationships with stakeholders both internally and externally and overcome any gaps that may exist. 

The National Association of Women Business Owners selected Connie as one of the Top 10 Female Business Owners. She keynotes major business and industry conferences around the globe and has been selected by as one of America’s top keynote speakers every year since 2010. 

Her two bestselling books, Talk Less, Say More: 3 Habits to Influence Others and Make Things Happen and Become the Real Deal: The Proven Path to Influence and Executive Presence take Connie’s knowledge, research and experience coaching high-powered leaders and condense them into fast-paced, no-nonsense guides that jump start anyone to be more influential communicators.

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What Connie Dieken Talks About:

Talk Less, Say More: The Influence Illusion – How to Conquer the Myth that Derails Leadership
Gaining true influence is one of the greatest challenges facing leaders today.  Connie’s message challenges the myth that power equals influence.  She will discuss the crucial distinction between power, influence, and persuasion. Influence is the key driver of sustainable leadership and is deeply rooted in connection, clarity, and commitment. Often people attempt to use their position as power and spend their time persuading others to make one-off decisions, which is short-term, inefficient, and squanders leadership capital.

Connie will present a powerful approach to deepen any leaders’ lasting influence involving three core habits that she uncovered during 16 years of guiding C-suite executives to successfully grow their organizations – Connect-Convey-Convince. Connie will share relatable, often humorous, examples of how and when to use each one:

  • Habit 1: Connect – to engage, align, and resonate with shared values
  • Habit 2: Convey – to clarify information, increase certainty, and reduce doubt
  • Habit 3: Convince – to activate, empower, and gain specific commitment
Own Your Presence. Influence Your World: How to Build Your Personal Brand, Establish Trust and Gain Lasting Influence 
Whether your audience members want to move a team to action or elevate their own careers, they need presence. But what is presence? 

Now more than ever, people are quick to judge, resist and dismiss. During this highly interactive keynote, Connie pinpoints the three most crucial presence problems that undermine person power – and guides each person to identify and solve their issues to transform into the powerfully influential leader they're meant to be.

Your audience will discover how to:

  • Lead others to seek their presence, trust them, and willingly follow their lead
  • Override presence-killers such as egotism, anxiety, long-windedness and social façades
  • Be – and be recognized as – the real deal, thereby boosting their leadership capabilities

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