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David is a National Program Director for project management and business analysis for The Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business, York University. He is also a regular blogger, podcaster and professional speaker specializing in leadership, strategy execution and professional growth. 

He has published three books: The Power of The Plan, The Keys to Our Success and The Business Analyst Book of Mentors.

Previously, he was the Group Conference Director at Diversified Business Communications where he ran project management and business analysis events around the world and he was the Executive Editor and founder of and

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What David Barrett Talks About:

From Strategy to Execution – Bridging the Gap
Strategic Planning is crucial to the success of any organization.  But it turns out that many of those plans sit and collect dust for months afterwards.  It seems that we are forgetting to focus on the execution of the plan.  This session looks at the lifecycle of strategic planning and execution, from the development of a sound strategic plan to looking at common mistakes, through to the key to success: the execution of the plan.

From a Good Manager to a Great Leader
Organizations are ill-prepared for the mass exodus of the baby-boomer talent over the next decade.  With a critical shortage of leadership-ready employees, it has become necessary to work with our people to prepare them for future leadership positions. 

This presentation is designed to inspire your audience to reach to the next level and most importantly to be able to plot their paths to those positions.   What does a great leader look like?  What qualities do we already have that are similar?  Where are the gaps and how do we fill them?

Relationship Portfolio Management  - Growing and Managing your Professional and Personal Networks
This presentation is about the art and science of connecting and staying connected and about using those connections - harvesting the investment for the payback: the next sale, the big promotion, the new job or just the personal satisfaction of having a new friend.  Connect and stay connected.

The Power of the Plan – Empowering The Leader Within You 
We all manage projects, regardless of how small they are. Some are extremely important and time sensitive to us personally. Others are just as critical to our organizations, our jobs and our careers.   But we have never thought of ourselves as project managers. And we never will. We have never taken a project management course and we won't.  This high energy, down-to-earth presentation, based on David’s book by the same name, will make everyone think differently as they begin planning the next party, wedding, house move, product roll-out, office relocation, course development or conference.

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The way David delivers this knowledge is so dynamic and interactive that makes people literally 'jumping' up from their chairs to participate in the discussions. It is very interesting the way David collects the audience's ideas about a specific topic and transitions to the next topic. It is like all ideas are converging to the same place very smoothly.

Bruno Freitas, Sierra Systems

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