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About David Webster - Emmy Award Winner and Speaker on Communication and Organizational Culture:

Emmy Award winner and VHTA “Rising Pineapple Award” winner, David Webster is the founder of The Institute of Business Conversation Tactics and author of How to Change Someone’s Mind. His thirty-year study of person-to-person communication patterns has allowed him to recognize what we must do in order to positively guide another person’s energy and thoughts in conversation. 

From owner to upper management, supervisor to staff or staff to clients, David Webster can teach the steps of “Positive Persuasion” to anyone who is willing to listen to his very powerful and entertaining speeches or take his hilariously fun communication workshops.  He can improve the behavior patterns of an entire staff. 

The glue that holds a team together is the feeling between them and no one can show you, like Mr. Webster can, that this is a manageable element of business.  His participatory workshops keep everyone on their feet and moving for the entire class, roars of laughter heard throughout.  

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What David Webster Talks About: 

Mastering Business Communication Skills for Pride and Profit 
Where is the class, where is the coach for “How to positively persuade another person in conversation? Would you believe?...When a person speaks to you, they don’t remember your words very much.

57% of what they remember of your message is how you look,  35% of what they remember is how you sound and only 8% of what is remembered are the words you say.

In this speech, David shows people how to have their 57%(body) and their 35% (tone) perfectly proper for positive reception. Then, he discusses the practice of an exact method for “Flipping” people we speak to from feeling bad to feeling good from saying “No,” to saying,”Yes.” He takes the audience through the process which helped him discover the art of managing personal emotion, life quality and financial success.

No one seems to have accurate terms to describe what happens in the mind during sales. Here, he breaks down various energetic levels of the mind when communicating.

The answer “Yes” makes things easy during sales but how do we set up the energy of our client to allow the greatest possibility of getting the answer “Yes.”

Meditation teaches us to release our physical and mental tension allowing the ever-existing underlying energy which defines us to be recognized.  In other words you sense yourself when you stop thinking.

With a bit of practice one can become very sensitive to their own state of being. Once this becomes a comfortable practice for a person they can begin to shift their powers of sensitivity over to other people.  The best way to gain a positive result when talking to people (especially when selling) is to tune in to their frequency and guide them toward a good or better feeling.  In this speech he will discuss ways of doing this.

“MONEYBALL”  Installing on-going incentive programs for excellence in communication
How to implement a human behavioral statistic chart which aligns your staffs communicative skills by monitoring and holding accountable the necessary communication elements each staff member must employ in order to gain the most positive response from every interchange with clients and with each other. Installing on-going incentive programs for excellence in communication.  During my workshops everybody understands the lessons well.  I watch as they perfectly execute each step of positive communication.  But how do we maintain and enhance the team’s excitement after I am gone?

Individual and group challenges or healthy competitions are established for the forthcoming months in order to maintain communication excellence,

How to Criticize with positive results
There is a formula that allows you to gain the optimal results when you must offer criticism.  Every exec. and manager needs this course!  In order to grow as a team, we must learn.  In order to learn at the fastest rate we must have an agreed upon method for sharing constructive criticism.

In this workshop we will learn exactly how to positively and effectively provoke change.

We will discuss and practice how to regulate our emotions and how to guide others easily.

Leading with positive communication
In this workshop we will look at the old ways of managing as we outline a better way to lead.  

In this day of mass communication no one can hide behind negative energy to get results.  Bullying, threatening, gossiping, scowling and giving a cold shoulders do not get us anywhere.

In this workshop we will explore how to best take responsibility for the morale of your team, how to coach with positive energy and how to lead by recognizing and activating the intrinsic value of each and every individual on your team.

Mastering Hospitality Communication (for much better service scores and higher revenue)
This is the cornerstone communication class for all.  Everyone should take this class.  This class works great mixing members from different departments.  It is extremely fun.  I recommend mixing leaders with their teams in this workshop.

In this class participants will all learn exactly how to give out the best message physically and with tone. 

Participants will learn how to “flip” almost any person they are talking with from feeling negative to feeling positive.  Conversation skills will be enhanced with simple improv methods. A common code will be established as to how the staff will interact with each other. A unified agreement will be struck as to what our way of being “Formal.”

The service scores of your staff will rise dramatically after your staff has taken this class.

What we think about in the morning becomes how we feel.

How we feel becomes how we act.

How we act is how other people view us.

if we control what we think about each morning, we control our reputation.

Enlighten your staff to a new age at work where healing negative people is simple and rewarding for those who know exactly how to do it.  

Here we take a look at the mistakes and discoveries that lead us to a better way of relating to each other in business and in life.

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Thank you very much for a fun and very exciting afternoon. “Prefer the negative” is the most important lesson I learned today. The amazing things we can change by simply shifting the way we think! I will most definitely pass it on to my family and staff.

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