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About Donald Cooper - Speaker on Marketing and Growth :

Donald Cooper has helped thousands of companies throughout the world add more value to their customers' lives and more dollars to their bottom line. Drawing on his real-life experience as a world-class manufacturer, retailer and tireless researcher, Donald devotes his time to helping companies redefine and reinvent their business to thrive in the new millennium. With wisdom, humor and a strong dose of reality, he delivers insight on how to increase profitability through leadership, management and customer service in the face of ever-stronger competition!

After earning his MBA, Donald spent 18 years in the family business, Cooper Sporting Goods. Cooper Ltd. became the world's leading manufacturer of hockey equipment and one of the largest sporting goods supplier.

In 1981, Donald made a strategic decision to do something less corporate and purchased a chain of four small exercise and casual wear stores, expanding to 13 stores just as the market was declining. The mall locations were sold off leaving a small warehouse in which a bold new retail vision was born. In just 3 years, Donald won 7 Awards of Excellence for marketing and service innovation, including the Retail Council's Innovative Retailer of the Year.

His insights of Human Marketing will inform you, challenge you, inspire you, and leave you with a new and powerful understanding of your business, your customers and your life!

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What Donald Cooper Talks About:

Management and Leadership
As a thought-leader in management and leadership, Donald creates more effective managers and more successful businesses and business people. He has transformed 1000's of businesses around the world. He will help you to…

  • More effectively manage your business, your team and your bottom line.
  • Visualize, plan and create an extraordinary and more profitable future... including how the business might have to reinvent itself to make that happen.
  • Attract, develop and engage a top-performing team... and to,
  • Implement more effectively, deal with non-performance…and have a life!

Management & Leadership Titles:

  • How to sell more, manage smarter, grow your bottom line...and have a life!
  • Myths, Lies & Management…7 simple truths that will transform your business and grow your bottom line!
  • The 90-Minute MBA...10 things you absolutely need to know to ‘own’ your customers, manage your business and grow your bottom line!
  • Thoughts on to define your future, grow your business and improve
  • Vision to lead your business, manage your team and grow your bottom line!
  • The Adventure of to innovate, thrive and succeed in a fast-changing and turbulent world!
  • From 'Great to Gone'...important lessons from Cooper Canada and other business adventures.

Marketing and Customer Service
This topic covers the art and science of creating, delivering and communicating compelling customer value and experiences. As an award-winning, innovative marketer, Donald will help you to...

Understand your customers on a whole new level, including why they buy, why they don't buy...and what they really want when they do buy.

Create and deliver extraordinary customer-owning value and experiences that will 'grab' your target customers, clearly differentiate you from your competitors, make you 'famous'…and grow your bottom line.

Effectively communicate, sell and promote that value in a crowded, confused and cynical marketplace.

Marketing and Customer Service Titles:

  • Human Marketing®…the 'straight goods' on how to create, deliver and communicate compelling customer value.
  • Owning customers for life…4 powerful steps to increasing loyalty, sales & profitability.
  • Be extraordinary...or be eliminated...the simple truth about how to amaze your customers, beat your competition and grow your bottom line!
  • Creating a Winning Brand...winning the battle for customer ownership and business profitability!
  • From ordinary to extraordinary...10 gutsy things you can do, right now, to 'grab' your customers and grow your bottom line! Note: This program is specifically for retailers.

 Creating A Top-Performing Team
"We become what we hire." Not having top-performers in every part of our business carries a huge cost in lost business, inefficiency, missed opportunity and frustration! This high-content program delivers a step-by-step approach that helps business owners and managers to...

Create clarity about the specific people and talent they need to deliver compelling customer value, grow their business and improve their bottom line.

Develop a business environment that attracts, empowers and retains top performers.

Reward success and deal more effectively with non-performance.  Lack of clarity and failure to deal with non-performance are two of the biggest challenges facing many businesses today.

Creating a Top-Performing Team Title:

  • The 8 essential steps to attracting, leading & keeping a top-performing team.

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