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About Dr. Brynn Winegard - Speaker and consultant on business management; expert on neuromarketing, and neuromanagement: 

Dr. Brynn Winegard is a business expert with a specialization in marketing, retail, and life sciences (neuromarketing, neuromanagement). Brynn is a professor, speaker, entrepreneur, author, business commentator. She completed her MBA and PhD at the Schulich School of Business in the areas of marketing and strategy and an undergraduate in life science (neuroscience and psychology) at McMaster University. Brynn spent over a decade in corporate marketing working for such companies as Pfizer Inc., Nestle Inc., Bank of Montreal, ScotiaBank, CIBC and Johnson & Johnson Inc. Brynn has an impressive list of clients for whom she has done training, facilitation, and consulting, now in the hundreds, including Coca-Cola, Toyota, Novartis, USAA, Enbridge, Kruger, Kraft, Pepsico, Georgia Pacific, Bristol Myers Squibb, IEEE, among many others. Brynn is Faculty at the Schulich Executive Education Centre, Ryerson University, the University of Guelph, and is the principal of Winegard & Company, an independently run management consultancy and research incubator.

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What Dr. Brynn Winegard Talks About: 

Dr. Brynn Winegard thinks, writes, and speaks about the intersection of business and brain sciences toward professional and personal achievement. Formally trained in both business (MBA, PhD) and brain sciences (neuroscience, psychology), Brynn is currently writing a book about how to win in business and life using the secrets of brain sciences and the subconscious mind. 

The Brain Series Talks:

The Aging Brain in the Workforce
  • How to Ensure Continued Productivity & Success
  • Cognitive Health into Retirement
  • Affects of Aging on the Brain
  • Dealing with Younger Workers
  • Lessons from Neuroscience
  • Understanding and Developing Yourself as a Leader Using Lessons from   Neuroscience
  • The Cognitive Triggers to Gain Followship
  • Mobilizing & Energizing Your Followship
Using 100% of Your Brain at Work
  • Stop Using Just 10% of Your Brain!
  • Putting Your Whole Brain to Use For You at Work
  • Why the Subconscious Rules Your Decisions & Behavior
  • How You Can Take Back and Harness 100% of Your Brain Power
The Neuroscience of Leadership
Good leaders are skilled at attracting and energizing a followership—these are skills that are latent in most of us and can certainly be taught, according to the tenants of ‘neuroleadership’. Developing yourself as an effective leader in this vain requires a solid grasp of human psychology, emotional intelligence, as well as the neural and cognitive factors that really engage, mobilize, and energize people. 
As Leaders look through the lens of neuroleadership’s SCARF model (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Fairness) which defines the five domains of social experience that activate strong threats and rewards in the brain, leaders can gain a better understanding of how to develop themselves based on their areas of strength and weakness.
Combining insights from the brain science of persuasion and influence, Leaders learn about the social, emotional, subconscious, and non-rational ways both leaders and their followership process information and make decisions ultimately—especially and including during times of stress, strife, or rapid change. Learning how to effectively and skillfully manage social threat, pain, and reward perceptions in others is the hallmark of good leaders. 

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The science you presented regarding the process of aging, how it affects employees in the workplace and how the workplace should recognize and utilize these changes for the betterment of the workplace was an eye opener to those who were most fortunate to be able to attend this seminar.

William J. Harford, President - MROO

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