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About Dr. Gary Bradt - Change and Leadership Author:

Dr. Gary Bradt is an author, clinical psychologist, leadership consultant, C-Suite executive coach and speaker on the topic of adapting to and leading through change.

Dr. Bradt gained national attention in 2000 when Dr. Spencer Johnson, the renowned author of Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life chose him as the leading speaker on the message of that blockbuster bestselling book which has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. "Cheese" gave thousands of people the chance to get acquainted with Gary's extraordinary ability to cut through their frustration and fear and get to the heart of the matter; delivering powerful tools that help them adapt when going through change.

Gary Bradt had established a strong following as an executive coach and speaker long before Spencer Johnson asked him to be the messenger for his groundbreaking book. He began his leadership development career in 1987 with a respected leadership development consultancy. There he helped client companies launch proven leadership strategies and transformational processes which turned change and tough times into an opportunity to transform themselves and take performance to the next level.

His mantra - adapt and ignite! - is a rallying cry for success in these tumultuous times. He helps organizations adapt to new technologies and government regulations; inspires innovative thinking as industries consolidate; helps employees quickly adapt to major shifts driven by mergers, acquisitions or reorganizations; and gotten customers and employees alike to embrace a new product or service line.

Dr. Bradt earned his BA in psychology from Duquesne, University in Pittsburgh PA. He earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from Hahnemann University and Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, which in 2007 honored him with the Excellence in Professional Psychology award. Only the second graduate to be so recognized at the time, this award underscored Dr. Bradt's contributions to the field of professional psychology through his achievements as an author, leadership consultant/coach and world-class speaker.

Gary Bradt is author of The Ring in the Rubble: Dig Through Change and Find Your Next Golden Opportunity, which has earned high praise from reviewers and fellow change and leadership experts.

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What Dr. Gary Bradt Talks About:

Turn Change into Opportunity
Going through change is not a market differentiator. Adapting to change faster and better than your competitors can be. Gary Bradt's inspiring new keynote, Turning Change Into Opportunity, equips audiences with the tools they need to do just that.

Experience the power of The ToWho List, a daily practice supported by an app Bradt developed that helps you build relationships that will sustain you through challenging change and difficult times

  • Discover the secrets of The Pyramid, a tool that helps you adapt your behavior to get better results whenever change puts you or your organization at risk for falling behind
  • Learn to Let Go of Old Beliefs, Feelings or Behaviors that are only holding you down or holding you back
  • Experience the moving power of The Two Minute Drill, an exercise that allows you to quickly engage your most deeply held values. Like a compass, these values will point you in the right direction whenever change creates difficult choices
  • Understand The Four Factors Driving Change for practically every organization and industry across the globe

Adapt. Ignite. Win! Because Change Happens
More than a catch phrase, Adapt, ignite and win is Gary Bradt's rallying cry for success in a world that moves fast and doesn't wait for stragglers. Bradt increases the capacity of people and organizations to rise to the challenge of change by delivering highly customized presentations that address the unique objectives of each event.

A clinical psychologist and C-Suite executive coach, Bradt knows how to engage the heads and the hearts of his audiences for maximum effectiveness using masterful storytelling, humor, simple exercises and solid content. Navigating change successfully means being willing to change yourself first, he explains. He shows how learning to adapt leads to new levels of performance and personal and professional success.

Every audience is different. The challenges they face are different. What event planners appreciate most about Gary is his preparation. By the time he gets in front of an audience, he has a deep understanding of the group and the issues they're dealing with. He's spent hours creating a message to meet the objectives of the event. Bradt adapts some of his most popular stories and combines them with compelling insights that inspire people to confidently move into the future with practical and usable tools.

Bringing together a group of people for an event is a great opportunity. Adapt, ignite and win is a message that will make the most of their precious time together and will help galvanize a new spirit of possibility whenever change is involved.

The Ring in the Rubble: Dig Through Change and Find Your Next Golden Opportunity
The ring represents the golden opportunity every change creates. The rubble represents the disruption, fear and uncertainty that change often stirs up. Your job as a leader is to find that ring, and lead others to it. In this speech you'll learn how. Specifically, you'll be given ten tools, or strategies and tactics for finding opportunity within every change. You will hear inspiring stories and examples of how other leaders have used these tools to turn change and tough times into amazing opportunities. You'll learn that leadership is an honor and a responsibility to be assumed by each and every member of an organization. You will leave this presentation challenged, inspired and armed with practical ideas and actions to better yourself, your organization, and all those you have the opportunity to serve and influence.

Leave a Golden Legacy
Everyone leaves a legacy. The question is what will your legacy be? In this presentation you will get to actively create your answer to this question. You will be provided specific tools for building your legacy one person, one relationship, and one interaction at a time. You will be challenged and inspired to dream big, to take risks and to reach beyond yourself. You will learn that a leader's greatest joy comes not from personal triumph, but from inspiring others and leaving them better off for having known you, worked with you or worked for you. A golden legacy is not defined by how many rings of opportunity you find. It's defined by how many rings you lead others to. In this presentation you'll learn how.

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He was an incredible speaker. What I really liked was the actual tools he gave us to use. All too often speakers tell you to do something but not how to do it. It wasn't just an abstract lecture, but a fun, inspirational, how-to event.

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