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About Dr. Harry G. Broadman - Renowned Corporate Strategist, Negotiator, Investor, and Speaker on Global Business Risk and Opportunities:

Harry G. Broadman is a globally renowned executive, practitioner and authority on enterprise restructuring, new product market entry, cross-border geographic expansion, and co-investment strategic alliances to sharpen international business competitiveness.

An early serial entrepreneur, Harry's re-invented himself more than a handful of times—not only in an interdisciplinary fashion, but also across greatly differentiated senior roles in the private sector, interspersed with stints as a high-level policy maker and regulator.  Broadman emerged as a genuine thought-leader on the unforeseen dynamics that have changed the underlying structure and character of world markets long before the term "globalization" was commonplace.  These insights shaped his career focus on strategies that propel firms' competitiveness, especially in emerging markets, the parts of the world toward which Harry has always had a strong predisposition.

A strategic advisor to C-suites and Boards, Broadman has worked for companies as diverse as GE, IBM, Coca-Cola, Canon, Exxon-Mobil, Valmet, Corning, Heineken, Merck, Walmart, Deere, the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board, Intel, ICANN, SunEdison, Illinois Tool Works, Westinghouse, Siemens, Standard Chartered, Microsoft, Manitowoc, PPG, Tyco, Caterpillar, Dow, McCormick, CEMEX, and Avon.

As a speaker, Harry brings to audiences a unique combination of fundamentally insightful and pragmatic views about how commercial, financial and policy changes that drive international markets, will alter enterprises' opportunity-risk tradeoffs in ways few ever could have predicted.  Rather than using a 'rear-view mirror' approach, he provides a prospective prism to frame critical business decision-making challenges. Moreover, he exposes the ways markets intrinsically tend to operate in 'non-linear' patterns. Aside from leaving audiences with concrete takeaways, his speeches are entertaining and infused with his infectious sense of humor.

Concurrently, Harry is on the Johns Hopkins University Faculty, where he serves as Director of Johns Hopkins' new Council on Global Enterprise and Emerging Markets as well as a Senior Fellow at Johns Hopkins' Foreign Policy Institute.  He is also a monthly business columnist for Forbes, Newsweek-International and Gulf News. In addition, Broadman is engaged by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) as a Master Workshop Faculty Member. Harry Broadman was a senior official at the World Bank, where he oversaw the Bank's largest sovereign finance operations and enterprise restructuring investments in China; Russia and the Former Soviet Union states; and the Balkans. He also served as Economic Advisor for the entire Africa Region.

Harry has authored several books and numerous professional articles published in a wide array of peer-reviewed economics, law, and foreign policy journals. His most recent books are: Africa's Silk Road: China and India's New Economic Frontier; From Disintegration to Reintegration: Russia and the Former Soviet Union in the Global Economy; and The State As Shareholder: China's Management of Enterprise Assets.

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What Harry Broadman Talks About:

Dr. Broadman delivers exceptionally stimulating insights drawing on the rich mosaic of his high-level practitioner experiences, coupled with his record as an ingenious thought-leader, widely-cited book author and globally sought-after speaker. He offers a unique, compelling, entertaining and often provocative point of view, which the National Journal recently referred to as “the Broadman School of Economics”.

Dr. Broadman shares his insights on not only where are the opportunities and risks across today’s international markets, but also on how to anticipate future changes and to capitalize on them. 

His recent Speaking Topics include:

  • Just Where is The Growth in the World Economy?
  • Is China Really Destined to be an Economic Powerhouse?
  • Are You Ready for the New Global Corporate Rivals?
  • Do Corporate Social Responsibility Programs Really Pay Off?
  • Innovative Management of Overseas Corruption Risks
  • Is Putin Recreating the Soviet Empire?
  • Why the Sudden Interest in Doing Business in Africa?
  • What is the Future of Global Trade Agreements?

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