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About Dr. Joe MacInnis - Author, Scientist, Deep-Sea Explorer:

Dr. Joe MacInnis is a physician-scientist, author and deep-sea explorer. He has led more than thirty expeditions into the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans and written several books about undersea exploration, including Underwater Man, Saving the Ocean, Titanic In A New Light and Breathing Underwater: The Quest to Live in the Sea. His work has earned him a number of distinctions, including his country's highest honor, the Order of Canada.

In the 1960s, Dr. MacInnis was the medical director of the American Man-in-Sea program and worked on the U. S. Navy's Sea Lab project. In the 1970s and 80s he led the teams that made the first scientific dives under the North Pole and discovered the world's northernmost known shipwreck--HMS Breadalbane--under the ice of the Northwest Passage.

Dr. MacInnis was an advisor to the Titanic discovery team and co-leader of a $5-million expedition to film Titanic in the giant-screen Imax format. It was this expedition that inspired James Cameron's Academy Award-winning movie. Recently, he was a medical advisor and expedition journalist on the James Cameron-National Geographic seven-mile science dive into the Mariana Trench. He’s now working with Cameron on a new multimedia leadership project called "Carry the Fire".

He has written articles for Scientific American, National Geographic and Wired. One of his more recent books published by National Geographic Books is the companion volume to Cameron's 3-D Imax film Aliens of the Deep.

Dr. MacInnis currently studies leadership, teamwork and team genius in high-risk environments. His newest book, Deep Leadership: Essential Insights from High Risk Environments, shows how the leadership traits forged in extraordinary circumstances are transferable to our everyday lives.

Each year Dr. MacInnis makes motivational presentations on leadership and teamwork to Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Toshiba, Fidelity and Ford. In his speeches, he shares the values including courage, communication and teamwork that enhance performance under the ocean and in the corporate world.

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What Dr. Joe MacInnis Talks About:

How does it feel to be among the first to descend more than two miles under the Atlantic Ocean and position your mini-sub on the rusting deck of RMS Titanic? What is it like to spend two months diving with Academy Award winning director James Cameron during a $14-million expedition to make a giant-screen film called Aliens of the Deep?

In his speeches, Dr. MacInnis shares the values including courage, communication, and teamwork that enhance performance under the ocean and in the workplace. Drawing on compelling examples and dramatic video clips, he provides an inspirational framework on how to deal with the challenge of sudden change. Using a combination of humor and scientific acumen he tailors his insights to the theme of your meeting, making him a relevant and indispensable resource for your audience.

Dr. MacInnis' topics include:

The Secrets of Deep Leadership: 12 Ways to Become a Better Leader
James Cameron, the Academy Award winning director, built a $30-million research sub and made a 7-mile dive into the Mariana Trench, the deepest solo dive in history. Dr. Joe MacInnis was Cameron's electronic journalist and backup physician. He posted daily blogs on National Geographic's website and helped Cameron's team navigate through sixty days of sustained guerrilla warfare stress. Thirty electronic, mechanical, and life support specialists spent two months in the Western Pacific struggling against winds, waves, currents and pressure that bends steel. They endured seasickness, exhaustion, blunt-force trauma, technical malfunctions and the loss of two teammates.

Dr. MacInnis studies leadership in life threatening environments - deep leadership, and how its components can make us better leaders. He has spent time with astronauts who constructed the International Space Station and traveled to Afghanistan to interview soldiers fighting the Taliban. In this presentation, he describes the twelve leadership traits that contributed to Cameron's successful mission.

Leadership When Your Life Depends on It
Joe MacInnis is a medical doctor who studies leadership and teamwork in life-threatening environments from the deep ocean to outer space. He has worked on science and engineering projects with the US Navy, the Canadian government, the Russian Academy of Sciences and NASA. He's currently studying the leadership and teamwork allowing astronauts to construct the International Space Station and sub pilots to navigate $25-million research subs to the ocean's deepest depths.

In his 55 minute presentation, he uses dramatic video clips to take you on a perilous journey two miles under the ocean and 200 miles in space telling unforgettable stories about unique individuals who embody the spirit of deep leadership. Deep leadership's components include mental resilience, fierce ingenuity, code-red humor, group genius and resolute courage. The audience takes home a new understanding of leadership and a renewed commitment to apply it.

Accelerating Safety Leadership Lessons from the James Cameron-National Geographic Seven-Mile Dive into the Marina Trench
Dr. Joe MacInnis studies leadership in high-risk environments. Recently, he spent 90 days as a journalist-physician on James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge expedition. In his illustrated, 60-minute speech, he chronicles the forces of nature, technical breakdowns, and severe stresses that plagued Cameron's high-risk mission. Drawing on his experiences collaborating with astronauts who built the International Space Station and Canadian Forces fighting the Taliban, he examines how safety eloquence, empathy, and endurance allowed Cameron's team to make their historic 7-mile dive.

The project's life-and-death uncertainties inspired an intense acceleration of these three principles, Dr. MacInnis says. We made mistakes, but in the end went beyond collaboration into a symphony of safety. His visually-driven presentation shows how these principles can be applied to teams working with complex technologies in high-risk environments.

Leadership and Team Genius: Safety Insights from Lethal Workplaces
Physician, scientist and deep-sea explorer, Dr. Joe MacInnis studies leadership in high-risk environments. In this session, he talks about the leadership and team genius needed to pilot a research sub three miles under the North Atlantic, work on a Special Forces operational team and space walk on the International Space Station.

He uses the inside story of the $30-million James Cameron-National Geographic seven-mile science dive into the Mariana Trench—and the loss of two of his teammates—to reveal the leadership principles of team genius: deep empathy, deep eloquence and deep endurance.

In his visually driven presentation, he shows how these principles accelerate safety leadership and team genius in individuals and organizations.

Other Topics Include:

  • Deep, Dangerous Lives: Leadership Lessons from Deep-Sea and Space Explorers
  • Success: When Your Life Depends on it
  • Risk-Management Lessons From the Titanic and Other Deep-Sea Challenges

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