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Dr. Kevin Freiberg, Co-Author of 7 Award Winning Books 
Concrete Examples Entertaining Stories • Incredible Energy. 

These are a few reasons why clients in every part  of  the  world  invite  Kevin  Freiberg to  be  their featured speaker.  Dr.  Freiberg is  on  a  short  list of global thought leaders that Fortune 1000 CEOs turn to for the kind of disruptive thinking that drives growth and gets people excited about the future.

Regardless  of  how  many  speakers  you’ve  hired,  you’ll  be  hard  pressed  to  find  a speaker  who  does  as much  customizing  as  Dr.  Kevin  Freiberg.  If  you  want  a keynote  that  truly  speaks  the  language  of  your business and addresses the nuances of your industry, Kevin is the speaker to book. Over 2000 companies in  60 industries  across  the  globe  have  given  Kevin  rave  reviews.  His  insights  have helped  ambitious leaders  accelerate  innovation,  and  STAND  OUT  in  a  sea  of sameness  by  building  companies  that  are hungry for change. 

His  books  include:  the  international  bestseller,  NUTS!  Southwest  Airlines’  Crazy Recipe  for  Business  and Personal   Success,   its   sequel   GUTS!,   BOOM!   (7-timeless choices   for   inspiring   leadership   and accountability).  NANOVATION  (a  how  to  on innovation)  and  DO  SOMETHING  NOW  and  Be  a  PERSON OF IMPACT, two quick reads that will change your organization and your life. And most recently, CAUSE: A Business  Strategy  for  Standing  Out  In  A  Sea of  Sameness. Companies  that  define themselves  as  cause -oriented  stand  out!  They  have  better  employee engagement, customer  loyalty,  stronger  profitability  and growth, all of which the Freibergs document in CAUSE!

Kevin‘s clients span a wide range of industries and include: •KPMG •Humana •Kaiser Permanente •  QVC •FedEx •National  Fire  Sprinkler  Association •Vail  Resorts •AARP •Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers •MGM Resorts •Microsoft •University of San Diego •CUNA •L’Oréal•Credit Union Association New York •Vail Resorts •Kraft •Bank of America •Honeywell •National Life  •American Express •Unisys •AT&T •Beef USA •Sony •Tire Pros •Powder River Energy Corporation 

Other CREDENTIALS: Named  one  of  the  "Top  30  Best  Minds  on  Leadership"  by Leadership  Excellence  Magazine,  Dr.  Freiberg has  appeared  on  CNBC,  CBS  Sunday Morning  and  the  CBS Morning  News  for  his  views  on  the  critical links between leadership, corporate culture, change, and innovation. He  has  also  appeared  on  the television  series  Lessons  in  Excellence  for  CNBC  India.  His  articles  and interviews have  been  published  in  the  Wall  Street  Journal,  Business  Week,  Washington  Post, Investor's Business  Daily,  India's  Economic  Times,  India's  Business  Standard, India's Financial  Times  and  Capital Business & Finance Magazine of Dubai

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What Dr. Kevin Freiberg Talks About:

Innovate or Perish  
This presentation has received accolades from business leaders in companies all over the world—primarily because Kevin demystifies innovation and shows you how innovators THINK and what they DO.  

Keynote Takeaways: Kevin details how you can...  

  • Create a culture where people aren’t afraid to question the unquestionable.   Encourage risk by rewarding intelligent failure.    
  • Build unlikely partnerships that lead to ingenuity.    
  • Continually load your pipelines with great ideas. 
  • Challenge teams to use limitations as springboards to creativity 

Change Do Something Now 
This presentation shows you what happens in companies that are passionate about growth. If you want to create a culture where people move with a sense of urgency and say “  yes”   to new ideas, new relationships, new business models, new products and new markets, this presentation is your kickstarter. 

Keynote Takeaways: Kevin details how you can ..    
  • Say NO to the “incumbent’s mentality” that leads to failure.    
  • Lead change efforts that are opportunity-led not crisis-driven.     
  • Say “yes” to NEXT practices not BEST practices to avoid being #2.
CAUSE! Stand Out Through Purpose and Profit 
Now more than ever, consumers expect meaningful social impact. In the future, if you can’t demonstrate that you are legitimately doing something to make the world better you won’t be in business. Define your business as a cause and watch your people reach higher, move faster and own more—and, make brand fanatics of your customers. 

Keynote Takeaways: Kevin details how you can ...
  • Inspire employees to come to work fully awake, fully engaged, and firing on all cylinders. 
  • Give employees a chance to solve a problem that really matters.   
  • Show how your products and services have social value and positive impact.     
  • Invite Customers to buy BETTER VERSIONS of themselves. 
Kevin will unpack the character strengths of gutsy leaders and shows you how these strengths play out in some of the world’s most admired companies. 

Keynote Takeaways: Kevin details how you can ...    
  • Move the organization in bold, new directions to turn average into an exceptional.
  • Choose service over self-interest and become stewards of people’s potential.    
  • Invite people to share ideas and create breakthroughs that challenge the status quo and accelerate innovation. 

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Kevin, your presentation was an extremely value-added component of our Leadership conference. A number of comments cited your presentation as being the best aspect of the Conference!

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