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About Dr. Michelle Rozen - Human Interaction Specialist and Founder of : GET ALONG WITH ANYBODY:

Dr. Michelle Rozen specializes in creating collaboration and promoting teamwork through diverse personalities, communication styles, cultures and backgrounds. Her specialty is in interpersonal communications. Dr. Rozen is the author of three books, among which is her most recent book, How to Build a Winning Company Culture. Dr. Rozen is a writer for the Huffington Post and a commentator for the NY Times and CNN, and recent presenter at TEDx.

As an incredibly energetic keynote speaker, Dr. Rozen presents powerful solutions for individuals, teams and corporations to work better in collaboration, do better in terms of productivity and live better as individuals and as business entities. Dr. Rozen’s practical solutions and vast experience not only help create change- but transform company cultures, companies’ path to success and people’s lives overall.

Dr. Rozen holds a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and a Masters in Psychotherapy. She is located in NYC however presents to companies nationwide as well as internationally.

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What Dr. Michelle Rozen Talks About:

How to Get Along with Anybody to Increase Your Wellness, Success and Growth
We want to pursue wellness, and we all want to be successful and achieve our goals. The challenge is, that not always the people around us do the things we want them to, or act the in a way that promotes what we are looking to promote and accomplish. Getting along with other people is not just recreational or fun. Getting along with other people is essential to your wellness, your success and your growth. Scientific studies have proven time and time over that toxic and negative relationships have a negative impact on our health. So while you may pursue wellness by working out or eating right, your body’s immune system is still compromised if you have toxic relationships with others, whether in your personal life and in your work environment. From a productivity standpoint- you cannot talk about engagement and motivation before you have mastered the art of How to Get Along with Anybody. It will simply not work. 

How to Get Along with Anybody to Become a Powerful Leader
Leadership towards growth is a powerful key to the overall success of companies and organizations. Learn practical and winning strategies for effective leadership towards growth and success, through challenging times and with a diverse workforce. In this insightful, thought transforming experience, Dr. Rozen empowers the audience to unleash leadership skills, increase ability to lead through challenges and master powerful engagement of others towards your goals by using the How to Get Along with Anybody model for growth and success.

How to Get Along with Anybody to Lead through Change Effectively
True leadership manifests itself through times of change: mergers, acquisitions, policy and generational changes. But what can be perceived as rocking the boat- is also a great opportunity for growth, both for management and for employees. This is exactly where leadership can make it or break it, and this is where leadership skills are needed the most. This is a highly engaging, thought transforming experience, in which Dr. Rozen provides the audience with insights, best tricks of the trade, and practical strategies for leadership through change.

How to Get Along with Anybody in a Diverse Work Environment?
Working effectively within a diverse workforce is a challenge to many. Keeping that diverse workforce motivated, engaged, and demonstrating a culture of teamwork within a diverse work environment is a challenge that requires powerful tools and strategies. Generation gaps, cultural gaps, work style gaps- you name it. The greater the diversity- the greater the challenge, and the greater the challenge- the greater the opportunity. Dr. Rozen fascinates the audience with powerful insights, unbeatable tools and an unforgettable humorous, thought transforming experience.

How to Get Along with Anybody and Become a Powerhouse for Motivating and Engaging Others
Talking about motivation and engagement is one thing, but deeply understanding how much getting along with anybody is at the heart of motivation and engagement provides your audience with a whole new level of understanding of how motivating and engaging others actually works. Most updated research, jaw dropping insights and the most practical tricks of the trade to start using tomorrow.

How to Get Along with Anybody to Unleash Your Power of Communication in International Business
International business presents unique challenges to leaders in terms of making that human component work for them when seeking to connect, understand and leverage the relationship that they have worked so hard to create. The audience immediately connects to Dr. Rozen as she takes them on an eye opening journey to learn how to immediately connect with, and leverage the connection with people from various cultures and parts of the world. This wonderful keynote is full of case studies, real life examples and practical tools and strategies that your audience will find not only helpful but also incredibly powerful.

How to Get Along with Anybody to become a powerful Woman Leader
Women leadership, as well as negotiation led by women has its unique challenges. Dr. Rozen is passionate about making sure women leaders have the most effective tools to negotiate tough, and lead skillfully towards growth and success. Using the How to Get Along with Anybody model, Dr. Rozen connects with the audience instantly, and engages them in a humorous, life based and life oriented eye opening experience, that will leave them with practical tools, insightful knowledge, and life transforming strategies.

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