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About Gregory Florez: Health and Vitality Expert & Author:

Gregory Florez is the founder and CEO of V2 Performance, a premier vitality education and performance coaching firm for leaders. 

As a published author and vitality coach, and by delivering more than 100 keynote speaking engagements and customized workshops/seminars each year, Florez has improved the health, vitality, work capacity and breakthrough performance of more than 40 thousand leaders around the world. 

Florez is a highly sought-after expert on vitality, serving as a business performance consultant, personalized coach and/or leadership development program speaker for CEOs, executives and employees at every level of an organization – from Fortune 500 to global 1000 corporations. 

Industry-leading clients and/or audiences include, American Bankers Association, American Express, Avaya, Bekaert International, Clear Channel, ConAgra Foods, DuPont, Ernst & Young, FedEx, Harpo Studios (Oprah Winfrey), Korn/Ferry International, PBS and United Health Group. 

Through a high-level of personal connection, industry credibility and invaluable content, Florez enables leaders and organizations to consistently enhance productivity, improve team satisfaction and foster cultures destined for greatness. In addition to sharing insights, tools and techniques that drive professional development and business results, he is regularly featured as a writer and expert in publications and other media, such as, Business Week, Good Housekeeping, Men’s Health,, O Magazine, Smart Money Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. 

Florez has 28 years of experience in business management, professional speaking and training. He is uniquely qualified to shed light on how to best intersect business with health and vitality for breakthrough performance and results. Prior to creating V2 Performance, Florez was in management for United Airlines and was a former Nike and college athlete. 

In addition to being an industry visionary, Florez is an executive coach for Korn/Ferry International’s Executive to Leadership Institute. He is also an official spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise. He is certified through The American College of Sports Medicine and studied political science and English at the University of Utah.

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What Gregory Florez Talks About:

Resilient Leadership Through Velocity and Vitality: The 4 Essential Pillars For Success
Great leaders work at a high velocity, demonstrate a driven attitude, and burn more energy on a daily basis than even professional athletes. Unlike athletes, however, there is no off-season for leaders. The highest performing leaders use their physical, mental, and emotional selves to be highly effective. In short, they possess tools for both velocity and vitality. This unique executive program reveals the tools we have used with 40,000 leaders over the past 28 years. Explore the four pillars that create a vital leader in a high velocity world: 

  • Be present when it counts, with effective focus
  • Develop rest, recovery and sleep rituals that ease stress and ensure the ability to re-charge
  • Design intelligent nutrition tools for sustained energy and brain function
  • Perform leveraged fitness and movement - anywhere, anytime

Leaders will learn Simple Changes™ that can be integrated into an already overscheduled calendar for executives, as well as innovative change and accountability techniques to use to truly create and sustain velocity and vitality.

Breakthrough Performance for Leaders and Their Teams
Team vitality is critical to team success and meeting organizational objectives. With teams being asked to deliver more with less everyday, what are your leaders doing to ensure their teams stay focused, engaged, and resilient during challenging times? Gregory Florez starts with a team audit to understand each team’s vitality needs. Then he identifies specific triggers that lead to burnout and lack of team vitality, as well as sharing the keys to creating a vital workforce in your organization. Discover psychological and physical methods for keeping everyone attuned and present, as well as practical tools to improve focus, concentration, and participation. 

Creating Sustainable Mindfulness 
Recent research shows that the average knowledge worker is interrupted every 11 minutes, and that it takes at least 20 minutes to get back on task after an interruption. Technology, information overload, and the demand to do more with less faster, all conspire to drain the focus of knowledge workers and leaders every single day. There is a way to calm the mind and re-engage focus where it counts. Gregory Florez helps clients build practical and powerful mindfulness techniques that integrate into people’s individual and organizational experience. He explores techniques for deep recovery and assimilation of information, effective ways to protect time, preparing mindfully for meetings and presentations, and how to use the stress-recovery cycle to improve focus, and more. 

Turning On The Mind-Body Connection For Extraordinary Performance
Research shows that mental exercises, breathing, short meditations, and other techniques that link the body and mind produce 20-40% improvement in cognitive thinking, timely decision making, and other executive functions utilized by the brain. Gregory Florez shares powerful methods that utilize the holistic self to enable extraordinary mental performance, as well as manage physical and mental reactions from stress during and after challenging situations. He reveals simple, yet powerful, mind-body integration techniques that fit into today’s often overwhelming work and home schedules. These techniques become the habits of extraordinary performers. 

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