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About Ian Altman - Bestselling Author and Speaker on Strategic Business Growth:

Business leaders call on Ian Altman to modernize their sales and marketing. Ian's approach helps companies significantly grow sales by aligning their goals with current and emerging trends in buyer behavior.

As a regular columnist for the digital editions of Forbes and Inc magazines, Ian is an internationally respected and sought after expert on business, innovation, collaboration, and integrity-based selling. Audiences discover an approach to business growth that everyone can embrace – even your customers.

Companies like Allstate Financial & Thermofisher Scientific call on Ian Altman to modernize their sales and marketing to align with research on how customers approve purchases. As a CEO of his own technology and services companies for two decades, he grew his own companies to more than $1 billion in value. Audiences know the difference between someone who has walked the walk, not just talk the talk.

Energetic, Interactive, and Actionable. Those are words audiences often use to describe Ian Altman’s sessions. Ian teaches that results matter. Organizers and executives know Ian has successfully implemented the concepts he presents. Ian combines stories, proven methods, and humor to inspire your audience. He engages the audience from beginning to end to ensure active participation and maximum retention of key principles. Ian will ensure they leave with actionable steps to help you get the results you need for your business.

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What Ian Altman Talks About:

Discover An Approach To Sales Everyone Can Embrace – Even Your Customers
Is your sales and marketing aligned with how your customers make decisions? In his interactive, energetic, and entertaining session, Ian shares research across thousands of executives on how they make and approve decisions. Ian presents a powerful approach to sales and marketing that everyone can embrace, even your customer. Ian shows case studies of companies that have doubled their growth and beyond using the same principles.

Capture Attention In a Noisy World
Companies with great products and services, may find their message is falling on deaf ears. Let’s face it, your potential customers are inundated with tons of information. If you don’t know how to stand out, you’ll get swept under the rug. Ian Altman’s highly interactive session guides the audience through proven concepts and methods that attract the attention of the right customers and partners.

Same Side Selling Immersion Workshop
The way customers make decisions has changed. If you do not adapt to how customers make decisions, you will fall short of your potential. Ian Altman leads a full-day Group Workshop to give your team the skills, practical exercises, and hands-on support to sharpen focus and discover how to grow revenue with integrity.

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Outstanding content and value. Ian presents a whole different mindset for selling

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