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About Jas Hawker and Mission Excellence :

Former leader of the Red Arrows and RAF fighter pilot, Jas Hawker offers a fascinating insight into the workings of the world's premier formation aerobatic team. He is an adept and inspirational after dinner and keynote speaker on leadership, teamwork and operational excellence.

After completing flying training he went on to be the youngest ever pilot to fly the Tornado ground attack aircraft on the front-line. He has served on 4 operational squadrons taking part in both training and operational deployments all over the world. Jas was a qualified flying instructor and was able to lead any scale of combat mission in any part of the world. In 1999 he was selected to join the Red Arrows during which time he spent 2 years flying as part of the synchro pair. He returned to the Red Arrows in 2007 when he was selected to be Commanding Officer and leader of the Red Arrows. During this time he led the team on tours to the USA, Canada, the Middle East, India, Thailand and Malaysia, as well as the UK and Europe amassing well over 500 public displays.

In addition to his considerable flying experience, Jas has undertaken a number of non-flying appointments within the Ministry of Defence, advising senior military officers and civil servants on strategic policy and planning issues. He has also deployed to Afghanistan as an operational level campaign planner, advising senior commanders.

Jas has wide experience with a range of Mission Excellence clients focusing on high-performance teams, leadership and teamwork in high-risk environments, where failure is not an option and mistakes cost lives. He has the ability to motivate and entertain any audience.

Jas also offers the opportunity to deliver exciting seminars which involve a highly engaging insight into high-performance organisations. Through a powerful blend of dramatic in-cockpit video footage, interactive group exercises and real-life case studies, Jas and his team create a high-impact event which is guaranteed to inform, engage and inspire.

His presentations are:

  • High impact, entertaining, memorable, relevant;
  • Tailored to, and aligned with your corporate objectives;
  • Stand alone event or integrated into a larger conference;
  • For audiences from 10 to 1,000;
  • Delivered by a team of fighter pilots; and
  • Deliverable worldwide.

As a former leader of the Red Arrows & RAF fighter pilot, Jas offers an insight into the workings of the world's most celebrated formation aerobatic team.

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What Jas Hawker and Mission Excellence Talks About:


The Mission Excellence Seminar is an execution-focused interactive event, which gives delegates a completely fresh perspective on team and organisational performance, based on the behaviours and processes used by fighter pilots to deliver consistent outstanding results when working in complex crossfunctional teams. The half day exercise is facilitated by a team of fighter pilots using multimedia presentation, interactive exercises, and unique cockpit video footage. Delivery is possible worldwide.

THE AIMS are to motivate and inspire delegates via a high-impact intervention, to concentrate their minds on your major execution issues from a unique perspective, and introduce some tangible tools which can be applied the next day.

THE DIFFERENCE is that the material is not based on theory learned in a classroom alone. The methodology has been rigorously applied by the people who will deliver your event, in the most demanding and dynamic working environments.

Key Themes:

The key themes and skills covered in the Seminar programme include:


  • Understand the process for breaking down complex tasks through logical analysis;
  • Develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills;
  • Set and take ownership of clearly defined goals;
  • Understand the requirement for defined accountability; and
  • Get the right balance of optimism, motivation and realism.


  • Ensure absolute clarity in the plan through briefing techniques;
  • Set the professional standard; and
  • Impart the information, inspiration and confidence to WIN!


  • Know and understand the threats to execution excellence;
  • Maintain focus in a rapidly changing environment; and
  • Defeat information overload.


  • Bring external objectivity to internal performance - make continuous improvement a reality;
  • Understand the required behaviours for open, honest review and feedback; and
  • Apply root cause analysis to performance review.

Following On:

For many clients, the Mission Excellence Seminar is merely the start of the journey. Reinforcement and sustainability is achieved via training programmes and consultancy to really take team and organisational performance to the next level.

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The exercise was absolutely brilliant, I have never learned so much about group dynamics and individuals.

Merrill Lynch

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