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About John Krubski - Futurist and Innovation Speaker, Specializing in Making Sense of Information In An Info Over-Loaded Universe:

John Krubski is a seasoned, experienced, professional speaker. He has worked with a wide range of speakers bureaus (large and small, better known and less known) in the US and Canada over more than two decades.

Having taken an extended hiatus from speaking to work on developing the Index of What Matters Mostâ„¢, playing a pivotal role in setting up the Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute (, and developing a one-day workshop around Creating the Do-it-Yourself Future you Deserve - not to mention qualifying as a Top100 speaker resource for Vistage/TEC, and authoring Cracking the America Code; A Plan to Get US Back on Track John Krubski is better equipped than ever to provide clients with original insights, innovative thinking, and actionable strategies for strategic direction, innovation, dealing with change, management, motivation, competitive advantage, thought leadership marketing, and more.

Recent speaking highlights include LIMRA (Life Insurance Marketing Research Association), Global Shop (the largest annual convention of retailers in the US - rated as top speaker over the past three years), The Marketing Research Event (Boston and San Diego), and the New York Small Business Expo - among other venues.

Krubski's keynotes and presentations focus on what you can do with the information he provides and can be tailored to address specific issues relating to your industry, organization, or company.

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What John Krubski Talks About:

Cure Information Overload
From the dawn of civilization until the 1990's the problem was getting enough information. With the Googleization of the planet over the past two decades the new problem is making sense of of way more information than anyone needs. John Krubski has developed the ultimate formula for human information management.

In presentation, workshop, and seminar formats he provides a practical actionable perspective on how to quickly, efficiently, and consistently extract maximum insights from massive data in minimal time frames.

The 'secret' is understanding how the human mind works and then benefiting from its natural capabilities to go from information overload to insights and actionability in record time.

Creating the Do-it-Yourself Future you Deserve
After years of studying how the future becomes the future, and digging beneath the external to get at the dynamics of how the future happens and helping many clients take the reins of their futures, we have developed a fundamental formula that can help you achieve the future you desire. By understanding how your intentions and the intentions of others shape what happens next and how clarity and focus of your available energy can influence events both small and large, you can actually direct a lot more of your future than you might believe. This title can also function as a half-day, full-day, and multi-day workshop focusing on specific areas of concern and interest on your part.

Innovation 2.0. - New Strategies and Processes to Take You and Your Brain Outside The Box You Both Live In
Most people struggle with and yearn for the capacity to go 'outside the box' in many different ways; both personal and professional. But you can't meaningfully undertake the exercise unless you begin with an understanding of what your box is, how you got inside it, and what it will take to get you beyond its limits. In fact, if you don't know how to meaningfully dimensionalize your box to begin with you'll never know when you're out of it or whether you're outside of the box before you start, for that matter.

Why America Won't be That Different in 2056; and how knowing this will give you a leg up on dealing with change.
One of the things that gets in the way of getting comfortable with and taking charge of change is the assumption that most of what we face is 'unprecedented.' The truth is that, once you really understand how things work - that change is things going back to new places - and that there is truly very little that is in fact unprecedented, then not only will you be more comfortable with change but also you will be more likely to make the most of it while worrying a great deal less about what comes next.

The Catalyst Speaker
John Krubski has spent more than three decades helping client companies and teams make sense of information in the age of way-more-information-than-I-really need. He has helped some of the smartest people on the planet think smarter and some of the most creative people on the planet think more creatively. He has helped companies as diverse as DreamWorks, National Grid, Mercedes-Benz, and Sneaker Villa to go from information chaos to insight to action plan in record time. What he has learned about how the human mind processes information and what it needs to get the most value from that information quickly can fill a book (that's on the way). In the meantime, he can help set up your conference or meeting for maximum attendee impact.

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I am always very impressed at your ability to open the eyes of your audience and help them see new light through cogent insight and analysis. Not only are you entertaining, you are highly relevant. You help individual business leaders think more strategically while giving us new tools and creative ways to solve tough business problems!

Scott P. Bennett, Chief Marketing Officer, The American Cancer Society

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