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About Kevin Kelly - Motivational Leadership and Sales Speaker:

Kevin Kelly is an internationally acclaimed Speaker, NSA member, best-selling author and expert on the execution strategies underpinning Sales, Leadership and Entrepreneurial success. His focus is on moving organizations, large and small to Do!, to execute, and to move in the direction of their dreams and vision.  Kevin is the message as he lives, breathes and sleeps the DO! ethos every day of his life.

From the age of six, Kevin was selling in his family retail environment. On graduating with a Marketing degree Kevin, consistently broke sales records in each of companies he worked for culminating in him being continuously head hunted. Finally in 1990 , (after being offered a job by an Italian business man who couldn’t speak English) Kevin honored his entrepreneurial DNA and set up his own company, Advanced Marketing. The company dedicated itself initially to increasing the sales of small and medium businesses in addition to exhaustively researching the area of personal and business potential.

In 1996 Kevin committed to writing a Best Selling book on motivation – “How? When You Don’t Know How”  which sold 15,000 copies, an unparalleled feat for his native Ireland. Kevin also learned a very valuable lesson in terms of Doing and execution: knowledge may give you enough reasons not to act but Do! it anyway and be prepared to end up in a place you recognize and accept as better than your starting point. Since then he has written four more books, including the first ever graphic novel which aims to educate the next generation on the key skills of emotional intelligence.

His most recent book is the critically acclaimed “DO! The Pursuit of Xceptional Execution”, in which he uncovers the success strategies of the Leaders of some of the most exciting start-ups on the planet. Tom Peters described it as “the book I would have loved to have written.”

Staying true to his Irish roots, Kevin is a master storyteller who has worked around the world with Fortune 500 companies and prestigious associations like the Million Dollar Round Table. He has consulted with some of the biggest brands on the planet, including Microsoft, for whom he developed a unique video series for their World Wide Partner Community.

Kevin’s keynotes consistently deliver an interactive conversation that engages, informs, inspires and empowers attendees with a toolbox of invaluable takeaways. His consultancy projects are built on delivering results for you. You set the agenda, and Kevin works with you and your team to address your specific challenges and reach your stated goals.

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What Kevin Kelly Talks About:

Managing in an Attention Deficit Society
In this keynote, Kevin highlights the challenges of managing in the current climate and provides participants with a blueprint for organizational success.


  • Customer engagement: How to convert your customers into friends - customers leave, friends don't!
  • Employee engagement: How to tap into the innate creativity and potential of your staff. As technologies converge, employee engagement is a prerequisite for business survival and success.
  • Realizing You: How to become a more authentic, effective manager

Exceptionalize Your Customer Service
Customer service excellence could be your competitive edge in the marketplace. This keynote covers how to exceptionalize your service and boost your bottom line.


  • The marketplace
  • Excellence through understanding - profiling the customer
  • Contact point analysis
  • Setting standards
  • Exceeding standards and exceptionalising your service
  • Action

Sales Motivation: Motivation through Understanding
In this sales motivation session, Kevin will highlight the many assumptions you can make about human behavior. Based on these observations, Kevin shows how to dramatically increase your sales figures.


Eight Assumptions about Human Behavior, including:

  • People cannot lie successfully
  • Exploring the intimate link between our physiology (the way we look) and our psychology (the way we think). Knowing when to close or leave! How people crave attention?
  • How to excel in an Attention Deficit Society? A unique understanding of the power of listening from four different perspectives.
  • How people like each other that are like each other? Building rapport by mirroring. How?
  • How people buy experiences, not things?
  • How and why you should exceptionalise your service?
  • How you are the difference?

Sales Motivation: Using Past Success Strategies
By modeling off past success strategies, participants will be able to silence that negative inner voice that says I am not good enough and move closer to achieving their targets.


  • Childlike Wisdom - Success strategies that endure the test of time.
  • The Power of Belief
  • Magnetic Attraction - what happened when you made that major purchase in your life?
  • Go for Gut, the wisdom of champions
  • Mission Possible - infect customers with your energy and enthusiasm for your products. Note: people buy people, not products.
  • Action

Thinking and Doing Differently
In this session, Kevin will show how to re-ignite your potential by changing your thinking. Remember thinking precedes excellence.


  • I am the problem; I am the solution. Starting point.
  • What is your current thinking - are you fooling yourself?
  • Conscious Incompetence to Subconscious Mastery - how?
  • Personal Audit - Highlighting and disempowering limiting beliefs.
  • The power of focus
  • Action

New Leadership in a New Marketplace
In this leadership training session, Kevin will share with participants the challenges they face as leaders and the strategies they need to embrace, to leverage personal and organizational potential.


  • Leadership training first principle: start with yourself.
  • Self Awareness is seen by Stanford Business School Advisory Committee as the most important attribute that a leader should develop. Kevin will bring you on a trip that will make you a more authentic and effective leader in challenging times.
  • How to move towards conviction and congruence?
  • Internal and External customer engagement - how?
  • Creating Leaders at all levels - why?
  • Developing a creative culture - how?
  • Listening: 4 new perspectives
  • Communicating in an attention deficit society.
  • Diluting the ego and attracting mastermind alliances
  • Leadership Language - going for gut
  • Finding comfort and opportunity in discomfort.

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