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About Linda Nazareth - Economist and Trends Expert:

The world we live in is morphing into a new one as we speak. That's a scary prospect for many - but after a presentation by Linda Nazareth you will feel like you have a handle on the future.

Linda is an economist, author, blogger, broadcaster and speaker. The Senior Fellow for Economics and Population Change at policy think-tank the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, she is an expert in demographic and economic trends and the way that they will shape our tomorrows. Her presentations focus on what will happen and what you need to think about to be on the right side of the changes. 

Linda's latest publication is Economorphics: The Trends Turning Today into Tomorrow, a book that started as a presentation to companies looking for help in strategic planning. An examination of the changes hitting the global economy and the way that they will impact our lives and organizations, Economorphics is required reading for those who want to understand the new economy and their place in it.

Through her career, Linda has used her (fairly unusual) combination of skills as an economist and communicator to work and consult in a wide variety of industries. Currently a consultant to organizations in the public and private sector, Linda was for over ten years the On-Air Economist for Business News Network, Canada's cable news channel. She has also been a Senior Economist at CIBC and an economist with the Canadian federal government. A blogger for her own site and many others including that of the Globe and Mail, Linda has also been quoted as an expert everywhere from the Wall Street Journal through to Wired magazine.

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What Linda Nazareth Talks About:

Economorphics: The Trends Turning Today into Tomorrow 
From globalization to urbanization to dealing with demographic change, the world we know is morphing into a different planet with different economic opportunities and challenges. What are the trends taking today into tomorrow, and what are the trends that are resulting from the shift? In Economorphics, Linda Nazareth talks about the dozens of things she sees happening, and the challenges and opportunities they present to the economy, the labour market and the financial markets and to your industry as well.

Work is Not a Place
In a world where many people can work anywhere, where will everyone work? And on the subject, who will be working or finding it difficult to find work? From demographics through to trade through to technology, many things are changing the labor market. What are the trends at play and how should you and your organization position yourselves for what is ahead? 

In this engaging presentation, Linda Nazareth looks at the many labor market trends now hitting North America and the way that they will affect everything from commercial construction through to the stock markets. Separate the myths from the realities as you deepen your understanding of the exciting changes and the resulting challenges ahead. 

The Economic Power Shift 
Ten years ago, a list of the largest countries in the world would have had the United States in the top spot and Canada in the top 10. Now, neither of those things are true and ten years from now the deck will get shuffled again. Exacerbated by the demographics and the effects of the economic crisis, the world is re-grouping and the implications will be huge.

Weaving stories in amidst the statistics, in this presentation Linda Nazareth looks at the way that the world's power structure is changing and the implications and opportunities that will come out of those changes.

People, Places and Changing Everything
We are becoming an older world, a crowded world, and a world on the move. People are not just living longer, they are criss-crossing the globe in search of opportunity at a pace that has never been seen before in human history. In the process, they are literally changing everything.

In this fascinating presentation, Linda Nazareth looks at demographics, population trends, migration and social trends to paint a picture of where North America and the world will be in coming decades, and where your organization needs to be in light of the changes.

Ladies First
Women are making huge gains in terms of economic power, both in North America and around the world or are they? In this presentation, Linda Nazareth uses an economist's lens to survey the progress of women and to talk about their implications. Will more stay at home dads change the nature of their communities? Will more female politicians change the nature of government? Or will anything change at all? 

Weaving stories in with the statistics and insights, Linda offers a view into what is happening in terms of women and economic activity - and what is yet to come.

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