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About Marc Wayshak - All-American Athlete, Sales Author and Speaker:

Marc Wayshak is the author of two books on sales and leadership, Game Plan Selling and Breaking All Barriers, as well as a regular contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine and the Huffington Post Business section. As a sales strategist, Marc Wayshak created the Game Plan Selling System to revolutionize the way salespeople, entrepreneurs and companies approach selling. Marc Wayshak's sales strategy is based upon his experiences as an All-American athlete, Ivy League graduate, startup entrepreneur and years of research, training and selling.

While studying for his undergraduate degree at Harvard University, Marc Wayshak suddenly lost all of his college savings in a stock market crash. Compelled to have to help pay for college, Marc started a small marketing company. What he didn't understand was that he would actually have to sell his services in order to survive. He would soon learn.

This is what ultimately led Marc Wayshak through the ups and downs of having to make tens of thousands of cold calls per year, speak to sell, ask for introductions and all of the other behaviors necessary to make sales. At first, he did everything wrong, but over those next few years began to learn what worked and what did not. Within three years, Marc had found some powerful mentors that saw sales from a completely different angle. Studying under these mentors, Marc ultimately began experimenting with many of his own techniques that he now teaches today in the Game Plan Selling System.

Marc finally was able to create exponential growth for his marketing business which quickly became one of the fastest growing event marketing companies in New England, with clients such as Subway Sandwich Shops, ExxonMobil and Getty Oil. At this same time Marc served as Captain of the Harvard Rugby team and was selected as an All-American. After selling his business at just 23 years old, Marc began teaching sales to organizations both large and small.

Years later, Marc Wayshak is now considered America's Sales Coach on Game Plan Selling. Sharing the powerful strategies and techniques in the Game Plan Selling System through his writing, training and coaching, Marc travels the world helping organizations and entrepreneurs transform their sales. Marc Wayshak has a Master's degree from University of Oxford and his BA from Harvard University.

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What Marc Wayshak Talks About:

Motivational Sales Speaker
As the leading authority on Game Plan Selling, Marc will walk your audience through the three key components to success and sales with the Game Plan Selling DSP:

  • Be Distinct from your competition.
  • Be Systematic and follow a game plan for every aspect of selling.
  • Have a Prospecting Play Book and live by it.

As Marc discusses in his Game Plan Selling System there are some very simple changes that sales people can make in order to set themselves apart from the pack. Marc will teach those concepts to your audience. With his humorous approach and powerful content, Marc is sure to be a hit at your next event.

Some of Marc's Most Popular Sales Speeches:

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