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About Michael Hoffman - Sales and Customer Loyalty Speaker:

Michael Hoffman has been igniting Fortune 500 organizations with his workshops and keynotes for over a decade. His firm, Igniting Performance, is a Dallas-based training and consulting firm specializing in the areas of leadership, sales, and customer loyalty.

From small independent entrepreneurs to blue chips, Michael can count companies such as IBM, EDS, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, State Farm, AFLAC, VHA, Capital One, Oracle, and hundreds more as not only clients but repeat customers. Using his performance comedy and interactive delivery, he has conducted extensive personal and professional development seminars for thousands of people across the United States and abroad.

Effective training combines the right informational tools with the right motivation. Motivation alone is fleeting, but the right tools without motivation are lifeless. Michael delivers both.

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What Michael Hoffman Talks About:

The Sales Secrets of the One Percenters
There simply is not a more direct connection to the ability to make money at selling than your ability to build value. This session allows you to tap into the techniques that the top percent of sales people execute on purpose everyday to reach maximum results. Use the Secrets of the One Percenters to kick off your event or use as an amazing breakout session.

Anything You Do Is Everything You Do
In our jobs we face everything from job descriptions that don't come close to reality to dealing with the gamut of customers from Joan of Arc to Attila the Hun. In this audience participation session, Michael will show you what it takes to approach anything that life has to throw. His methods will have you laughing in the aisles and impacting your performance. This is the perfect program for an opening keynote to ignite your audience or the perfect closing to send your people out with a bang!

The Guest!: Igniting a Customer Focused Culture
This is an acclaimed celebration of the impact we have on each other and our customers. In this hilarious and interactive multimedia keynote presentation, you'll address issues with tactics for getting your business customers, both internal and external, to feel like a welcomed guest in your home. By the conclusion you'll be excited about the position you hold and ready to apply the tactical skills and approaches you need to work with your guests at the home front. This presentation is exactly what's needed to celebrate and energize your customer service people.

Coaching within the Tornado: Ignition Strategies for Leadership
Why is it that for some leaders we would gladly run through a burning building, while for others we would rather remain inside the burning building? Because great leaders understand that they have the ability to either ignite or extinguish the productivity of their people. This module focuses on the specific coaching skills needed to be a more effective manager, and leader in the performance cycle. This interactive working breakout session is the perfect fit for any leadership group.

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We've had Michael back EVERY year for the past 8 years!

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