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About Michell Smith - Best Selling Author and Speaker on Sales, High Performance, and Leadership:

Michell came from the school of hard knocks - literally, one door at a time.  She earned her stripes in the bootcamp of life doing door to door sales straight out of university. Surviving the intergalactic highs and lows of entrepreneurial businessplay, Michell Smith represents what tenacity, honesty and integrity driven beliefs can deliver.

She opened her own sales company at the age of 21. In the next 4 years she scaled that business to over 1000 sales reps, 29 locations and over 10 million dollars in annual commissions.  It was the biggest and most successful direct sales team ever built in Canadian history. 

She is the best selling author of the Six Questions, teaches a course on sales at the University of Toronto, is the author of Lead the Field in Direct Sales, and creator of the popular programs Confidence Kickstart™ and #HackYourself.

Her next 2 books; More Than A Leader - on leadership and happiness, and #HackYourself - A guide to choosing your future with confidence, will both be released and in all major bookstores by January 2017.

Passionate, bold & inspiring, Michell draws on her achievements as a young woman in business to address the themes of high performance, motivation, leadership, commitment, the power of goals, teamwork, and doing whatever it takes.  A highly entertaining, dynamic and captivating speaker, she uses her first hand experiences to deeply connect with her audience and leaves them feeling unstoppable, educated & inspired.

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What Michell Smith Talks About:

Whatever It Takes
Faking it till you make it isn’t a strategy.  Based on her best selling book, The Six Questions, Michell tells the story of how starting with nothing but the right mindset, the right attitude, the right people and a goal that was big enough to inspire them all, she built the largest and most successful direct sales force in national history.  

Michell is a woman of true integrity, character and a fiercely determined fighting spirit.  She captivates the hearts of her audience and inspires them while clearly demonstrating the passion required to do whatever it takes to succeed. 

Listen to the secrets of motivation, the power of recognition, the passion ignited by improvement and the value of contribution.  Learn what it means to be more than a leader & discover the unstoppable momentum that a “whatever it takes” team can create.

The Six Degrees of Separation
Starting in sales with no experience, Michell was the least likely to succeed. Her character, work ethic and fiercely determined spirit allowed her to beat the odds and become the #1 sales rep, then build the #1 sales company in her field.

She credits six specific ingredients as the recipe for outperforming everyone else. The most wildly successful entrepreneurs, leaders & sales professionals today separate themselves from their competition using these 6 key factors.  

Captivating and inspiring Michell wins the heart of her audiences with her passion & fighting spirit.  She demonstrates how to have influence over your mindset, emotions, attitude, energy level and focus.  While her smile is contagious and her laugh is infectious she delivers the brutal truths of what separates the winners from the rest. 

Winning with People
Michell Smith’s career is characterized by unshakable integrity and skill with people. Not only did she build the largest and most successful direct sales force in national history, she’s now a coach, speaker and best selling author as a result of her intimate understanding of how people work, think communicate and make decisions.

In a presentation that is both captivating and empowering Michell demonstrates the importance of intentional communication and how learning how to win with people is the most important skill to develop.  Whether in sales or not, winning with people is a skill.  Every single one of us is in sales, and we have been our entire lives. 

In a presentation organizations have called “mind blowing,” Michell reveals the communication secrets that save relationships, close the deal and build unstoppable teams.

X Marks the Spot
After struggling to survive in a male dominated industry only to first compete with them and then ultimately lead them, Michell understands what it takes to win as a woman in business.  In a talk that delivers the power tools women need to succeed as leaders in their field, she reveals the lessons served to her as she fought her way to the top in the world of direct sales.  

Passionate, inspiring and fiercely determined, Michell’s heartfelt stories captivate and empower her audiences while equipping them with a level of confidence only accurately described as unstoppable…

Getting pre-judged, underestimated, intimidated or worse, are certain truths that exist for women in business everywhere…  Michell delivers the playbook for how to overcome them and clearly demonstrates how to achieve the highest levels of success.

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Michell has a gift for connecting with her audience, whether it’s a small or large group. She’s able to illustrate her stories in ways that help her listeners relate and learn. Often after speaking engagements she spends time talking one-on-one with audience members who want to ask a few more questions or talk about their stories.

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