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About Rick Searfoss - Astronaut and Speaker on Leadership and Teamwork:

Human space flight - dynamic and difficult - a perfect model for any ambitious endeavor. The astronauts must perform to the highest standards as individuals, teams, and for commanders, as leaders. Too much is at stake for anything else. These right stuff principles apply not only in space but also in every organization, project, and business! Keynote speaker Colonel Rick Searfoss shares with only a handful of people some of the most unique human experiences possible:

  • Fighter pilot, test pilot, astronaut, and Space Shuttle Commander.
  • Commanded the most complex science research space mission ever.
  • Experienced, real-world leader in the most demanding of team endeavors.
  • Speaks on leadership, teamwork, peak performance, and innovation with authority born of in-depth personal experience.
  • Unparalleled credibility for content-rich and value-filled presentations!

Engaging and entertaining, Rick speaks from the heart to movingly share the lessons of human space flight. His stunning multimedia presentations filled with spectacular message reinforcing images uplift, inspire, and move to action. A great mix of down-to earth style and out-of-this-world excitement as he shares the astronauts' tools for effective leadership, teamwork, and innovative results that count!

Rick Searfoss always customizes using input from senior leaders and meeting planners. The result: stimulating presentations designed perfectly to help individuals, teams, and leaders lift off on their own missions of excellence. General Mills, Microsoft, Bank of America, Pfizer, Monsanto, Discovery Channel, Siemens-Westinghouse, Baking Industry Suppliers Association, Panasonic, SAP America, Farmers Insurance, Agco Challenger, Shell Oil, SCA Tissue, Merrill Lynch, BP, State Farm, Accenture, Johnson and Johnson, General Electric, Roche, Colgate-Palmolive, Wyeth, General Services Administration, Lockheed Martin, CIT Group, GSA, and many more!

Rick served in the NASA Astronaut Corps from 1990 to 1999, flew three Space Shuttle missions, and now is an independent speaker, consultant, test pilot, and commercial test astronaut for XCOR Aerospace Company.

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What Rick Searfoss Talks About:

Right Stuff Leadership! Solutions from a Top Gun Command Astronaut
Purpose - Program - People - Perspective. True leaders balance all these elements to get the job done, build their organization, and uplift their followers. Colonel Rick Searfoss, Top Gun fighter pilot, test pilot, and astronaut, personally knows that commanding a Space Shuttle mission requires the utmost in competent, trustworthy, and service-oriented leadership. Too much is at stake for anything less than the real right stuff! crucial real-world lessons delivered with high energy for all leaders!

Trust-Based Teamwork - Secrets of Trust-Based, Effective Teams
Astronaut crew mates must act in unity as a finely honed team, literally trusting their lives to one another while fulfilling their nation's trust to care for billions of dollars of national assets and achieve real results for mission success. They also need to lead and motivate the members of a vast variety of other specialized teams for the mission to succeed. It's the perfect model for any ambitious team venture! Space Shuttle Commander and team captain Rick Searfoss shares these universal teamwork principles to accelerate your team's ascent to the pinnacle of cohesion and success.

Boosting Leading-Edge Innovation
Develop flexible adaptability to embrace the opportunities change offers. Research, innovation, and the exploration of the unknown in space give startling examples of adaptability. Amplified with Rick's unique current test pilot work helping develop leading-edge new technologies with the most creative private space companies of the new millennium, this program will prepare your team to innovate your way to a profitable and exciting future!

Execution Excellence When It Really Matters
Human space flight demands the relentless pursuit of execution perfection. Learn how to apply the real-life execution principles learned from leading Space Shuttle missions to your own dynamic business challenges. Colonel Searfoss' Prepare - Apply - Adapt - Debrief Astronaut Execution Cycle provides crucial keys for those in today's difficult business environment who must get the job done, and done right!

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I was most impressed with how skillfully you translated your experience commanding a Space Shuttle mission to the leadership and team challenges we face in the business world

Margaret R. Lawlor, Senior Vice President, Bank of America

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