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About Rob Lilwall - Inspiring and Motivating Speaker, Author and Adventurer:

Rob Lilwall is a British-born, Hong Kong-based TV adventurer, writer and motivational speaker.

His expeditions have seen him travel over 80,000 km on foot, by bicycle, and by boat through some of harshest corners on earth, including the frozen wastelands of Siberia, the hidden valleys of China, and the lonely passes of Afghanistan. His two most epic expeditions, the 50,000 km Cycling Home From Siberia expedition, and the 5,000 km Walking Home From Mongolia expedition were commissioned as television series for National Geographic. His motivational talks have enthralled tens of thousands of people in Asia, Australia, Europe and America. He is a regular contributor to the South China Morning Post. His Cycling Home From Siberia book was described by The Guardian as a two-wheeled classic.

In November 2011, Rob undertook a new, 5000 km winter expedition through the heart of China. Carrying his gear from the wastelands of Outer Mongolia, south through the Gobi desert, following the Great Wall down to the turbulent waters of the Yellow River, Rob walked downstream to the legendary city of Xi An. Leaving the water, Rob then hiked onwards through the snow until he finally reached his finishing point at the glittering skyscrapers of Hong Kong in May 2012. He vividly captures this epic journey in his new book, Walking Home from Mongolia.

When speaking to corporate audiences, Rob relates the ever-growing challenges of the 21st century workplace to his own - at times hilarious, at times deadly serious - trials, tribulations and triumphs in the wild lands of the world. Rob's talks combine laugh-out-loud entertainment with profound motivational messages, making them an excellent and memorable component of corporate training days, awards dinners, off-sites, and conferences.

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What Rob Lilwall Talks About:

Rob's presentations are brought to life by epic photographs, stunning video clips and his well-honed ability to tell an engaging story. And whether it be walking across the Gobi Desert in winter, or being the first person to take a bicycle over the Kokoda Trail in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, he reflects on the attitudes which allowed him to survive and thrive in his adventures, and applies them to the challenges of our day-to-day work lives. Such attitudes include:

  • Effective goal-setting: breaking a mammoth task into smaller parts, thus setting sights on one achievable goal at a time
  • Daring creative thinking: harnessing our creativity to find solutions when unexpected problems arise to hinder individual and team progress
  • Self discipline: remembering that our self discipline must start with the small tasks, which makes a significant difference in overall progress, especially by circumventing future problems
  • Resisting the fear of failure: having the confidence to commit to the task even when the negative voice in one's head or the pessimist in the office insists that it is too hard
  • Keeping and boosting the morale of the team: learning not to hold grudges or take offence too easily, but instead to keep talking with team members and to treat problems like challenges to be overcome together
  • Effective networking: honing the craft of networking, and understanding the powerful consequences of being courteous to all
  • Persevering under pressure: developing the attitude of tenacity which in the long run will move us from mediocrity to excellence

Different clients have different needs: some look purely for an epic, exciting story of adventure; others may want to develop and focus more on the above attitudes. Rob is always keen to tailor his talk to the specific requirements of the client. He is based in Hong Kong and available to speak worldwide.

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