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About Robin Crow - Entrepreneur Musician and Author:

Robin Crow's journey from struggling musician, to RCA recording artist, to best-selling author and accomplished entrepreneur is an American success story. As a passionate business leader, he is the CEO of Dark Horse Recording, a four-studio complex he built from the ground up. It has set the gold standard for customer service and excellence in the recording community earning it a prominent place in the music industry. Now in its 20th year, Dark Horse Recording has attracted some of the most celebrated artists in the world, such as Taylor Swift, Neil Diamond, Tim McGraw, Ashley Judd, Matchbox Twenty and countless others.

In 2010, Robin founded Dark Horse Institute, which is now considered the most comprehensive audio engineering and music production school in the country. The Institute is unlike any other where the students acquire a hands-on, real-world, full-immersion learning experience. They are now partnering with eight different Universities who offer full accreditation for the students who study there. In three short years, the Institute has expanded to a second campus in Nashville, Tennessee and has graduated almost 200 students, many of whom are already employed as sound engineers throughout the country.

As an author and speaker Robin has directly impacted the lives of millions with his best-selling books, CDs, audio programs, and public speaking engagements. He has given over 2,200 presentations to a wide range of corporate and business audiences. His best-selling books include Evolve or Die, Rock Solid Leadership, and Jump and the Net Will Appear. Robin divides his time living in both Tennessee and Colorado, and also serves on the board of directors of several philanthropic organizations.

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What Robin Crow Talks About:

Rock Solid Leadership
It happens all the time: Ordinary people with extraordinary determinations overcome seemly overwhelming odds and then go on to become great leaders. That's because leadership is almost always forged out of crisis and adversity. Leaders defy the odds, because they're willing to do what others will not, in order to create the future as they see it. It's this spirit and determination that gives them the competitive edge.

Robin Crow understands what motivates, drives and inspires people to be their best. Most importantly, he knows how to help your group shift into high gear, better equipped to take the right actions for more profitable results. His deep reservoir of experience, combined with his love for communicating great ideas, will have you on the edge of your seat and engaged each and every minute.

Evolve or Die
Businesses that adapt the fastest to change are the ones most likely to prosper. In this presentation Robin Crow will share with you seven critical steps that will revitalize your business. Business growth cannot be sustained if it remains in its present form. We have already witnessed the disintegration of traditional business models. Achieving higher levels of efficiency, excellence, and profitability has never been more challenging.

In this presentation Robin clearly demonstrates how businesses and organizations must position themselves to be constant innovators, able to adapt to and embrace change. In this keynote, Robin lays out a practical series of proven tools and real-world techniques to help you successfully navigate your business to long-term sustainability and greater profitability.

Workshop: Big Ideas for Small Business Growth
The 21st century will reward top performers who are committed to delivering a superior product and creating added value for their customers. The business landscape is changing every day, and to be consistently successful, you need every competitive advantage possible. This session is designed for any entrepreneur or business person who is ready to step up to the challenge of taking his or her company to the 'next level.' No abstract theories here, only street-smart advice from someone who has spent decades in the trenches. As an entrepreneur and business owner for over 30 years, Robin Crow has gained a deep reservoir of experience in multiple business sectors.

In this highly interactive session, Robin shares critical factors for achieving sustained growth. In a dynamic two-way conversation with your group, Robin offers practical solutions to meet the challenges they're facing right here, right now. Attendees will leave this interactive presentation inspired and better equipped to adapt to the changes necessary to grow their businesses.

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Incredible! Robin's keynote was inspiring, entertaining and educational. After a long day of meetings, our group was reinvigorated by Robin's highly interactive presentation.

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