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About Robin Sharma - Expert on Leadership and Personal Motivation:

Robin Sharma is the celebrated author of 15 bestselling books on leadership, including The Leader Who Had No Title, one of the bestselling business books on the market today. His work has been published in over 62 countries and nearly 75 languages, making him one of the most widely read authors in the world. He shot to fame with The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari which has topped international bestseller lists and sold over 4,000,000 copies. Celebrity CEOs, rock stars, top entrepreneurs and royalty have all embraced his work. As well as being a much sought-after speaker globally, Robin is also a widely respected CEO advisor having worked with Fortune 500 CEOs and leaders all over the world.

Robin is known as a leader to leaders and has become one of the most trusted advisors in the world on leadership. Robin holds 2 law degrees including a Masters of Law and has had a distinguished career as a litigation lawyer. Many CEOs and senior executives of the Fortune 500 and other organizations turn to him for advice and counsel on leadership, change management and high performance in business. Robin is known for his dynamic, results-oriented, inspiring and hugely practical presentations that lead to measurable results.

In his keynotes and seminars, Robin blends a powerful delivery style with a gift for storytelling and connecting with audiences in a way that moves them to action. His sessions are high in content that your people can use immediately for greater success and effectiveness.

Robin is the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc., a training firm with only one focus: helping people in organizations Lead Without a Title. Clients include many of the Fortune 500 including Microsoft, GE, Nike, FedEx, and IBM. Organizations such as NASA, Yale University and The Young Presidents Organization are also SLI clients. In a recent independent survey of 22,000 business people Robin was ranked in the Top 5 leadership experts (source: Robin is profiled regularly on leading international media such as CNN, MSNBC, BNN and the Biography Channel.

Robin is also the driving force behind The Robin Sharma Foundation for Children, a nonprofit organization that helps children in need become leaders.

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What Robin Sharma Talks About:

Lead Without A Title: Winning Leadership Strategies to Build a Great Company
Robin Sharma is one of the world's most trusted leadership experts and a man whose transformational ideas have helped over 5 million employees in 62 countries do their absolute best work. Robin also is the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc., a global training firm.

Based on Robin's international bestseller, The Leader Who Had No Title this highly inspirational yet immensely practical presentation will teach your people:

  • The 7 Best Practices of Leaders Without Titles!
  • 8 Peak Performance tactics to do world-class work in busy times
  • The specific tactics that the best companies do to get even better
  • The 4 keys to a high performance team and winning culture
  • Personal leadership lessons to stay strong amid turbulence and focused in the face of uncertainty

When Fortune 500 organizations need a speaker with a proven track record of delivering leadership presentations that inspire, engage and deliver real business results, they go to Robin Sharma. His Lead Without A Title message has gathered a global following that includes celebrity CEOs, celebrated entrepreneurs and many of the corporate elite as well as workers from every imaginable industry. One of the true superstars on the business speaking circuit, Robin will wow your people and deliver a program that will influence them for a lifetime.

High Performance Leadership in Turbulent Times
In these times of deep change and dramatic uncertainty, your people need leadership training and results-oriented inspiration more than ever before. Economies are going through massive transformation. Globalization has levelled playing fields and changed the way we need to work. And the way we did business even a year ago is clearly outdated. New conditions call for new ways of behaving. And tough times call for new-and better-ways of leading.

In this high-content yet inspirational presentation designed to develop the highest leadership potential of employees at all levels of your organization, Robin Sharma will help your people shift from where they now are to where they need to be in order to excel in these challenging times. Using real-world examples of so-called ordinary employees who have turned business challenges into extraordinary results, as well as sharing hard-hitting and original lessons that anyone within your organization can use to drive success in turbulent times. Robin will galvanize your people so that they express their best in all they do.

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