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About Russell Bishop - Fortune 500 Consultant & Performance Expert:

Having started five successful companies and consulted to leadership teams around the world, Russell Bishop has become a recognized expert in personal and organization transformation, helping individuals and companies create unparalleled success.

One of the early pioneers in the field of large group personal development, he created Insight Seminars in 1978, followed by Insight Consulting Group.  In the mid-1980's he co-founded Productivity Development Group along with David Allen. To date, well over one million people in 43 countries have participated in seminars designed by Russell.

In 2000, Russell started Bishop & Bishop, a business consulting firm specializing in performance acceleration helping companies implement business strategies and achieve dynamic performance improvement.

His clients include Fortune 500 companies in aerospace, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, information technology, telecommunications and energy. He has extensive international experience working in England, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Hong Kong, as well as all across North and South America.

Russell worked with Arianna Huffington to build out several sections of Healthy Living and served as Editorial Director for the Huffington Post's GPS for the Soul. His weekly blogs focusing on improving the quality of personal and professional life have been read by tens of thousands of readers.

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What Russell Bishop Talks About:

Purpose Driven Leadership  
Russell offers a powerful and inspiring blend of insights and best practices for organizations looking to drive purpose deeper into their core DNA.  Moving beyond theory and concept, Russell delivers a practical, day-to-day approach to achieving critical life goals and objectives, to solving problems worth solving.   Over two million people around the world have been inspired by Russell’s work through keynote speeches and workshops he has designed.

Speech Topics Include:

  • Making Differences Worth Making
  • Are You Living a Legacy Worth Leaving?
  • Build a Better You, Build a Better World
  • Now That You Have Everything, What’s Next?
  • Why Positive Thinking Just Doesn’t Work

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Russell provides sage advice and practical methods for everybody who battles bureaucracy, barriers, and tall mountains to produce better outcomes and meaningful results quickly

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