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About Sam Silverstein - Speaker and Author on Leadership, Sales and Customer Service

Sam Silverstein is dedicated to empowering people to live accountable lives, transform the way they do business and create a more accountable world. He helps companies create an organizational culture that prioritizes and inspires accountability.

As a former executive and business owner, Sam’s manufacturing and distribution companies sold over $100 million in products and services. He successfully sold one of his businesses to a Fortune 500 company. Today, Sam writes, speaks and consults with such companies, inspiring and challenging their people to think differently to achieve a better result.

Sam’s work with entrepreneurs, multi-national companies, and government agencies has transformed organizational cultures and driven increased engagement and productivity. He has written numerous books including Making Accountable Decisions, No More Excuses, and most recently, Non-Negotiable.

He is the founder of The Accountability Movement™, which is focused on building powerful communities filled with people and organizations, that know their values, live their values and keep their commitments. To that end, Sam hosts (creates or initiates) Accountability Roundtables™ to address and break through the barriers that restrict organizations and communities from living an accountable culture.

Originally from Atlanta, Sam has a Bachelors degree in business from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Washington University. He is a Past President of the National Speakers Association. Sam is married with four children and currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri.

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What Sam Silverstein Talks About:

The Power of Keeping Commitments… No Matter What™
In this program, Sam Silverstein answers the questions, “What happens in your organization when everyone keeps their commitments?” and “What if the secret to attracting and leading people was merely knowing what, why and how to commit to others?”.

Sam will share truths about the most powerful change agent in existence, which will transform your organizational culture, creating accountability and imparting the Highest Form of Leadership™ on your people.

Leaders will walk away with highly effective tools to build trust and enhance their leadership growth by creating more meaningful relationships within their work team.

During this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Build massive trust through The Ten Commitments of Accountability
  • Keep commitments and show others how to do the same
  • Develop as an impactful leader
  • Connect your values with your commitments
  • Create a stronger culture based on commitments and values

The Highest Form of Leadership
Organizations are seeking ways to strengthen their leaders, drive accountability and encourage innovation across their enterprise. This powerful presentation will explain the highest form of leadership and show your attendees how to create an environment in which people want to be accountable, innovation can happen and individuals feel like they can be creative.

Sam Silverstein, founder of the Accountability Movement™, takes audiences through a moving conversation of why organizational values really matter, the true power of accountability and how to boldly lead change. Sam demonstrates exactly how to create an environment where everyone in the organization truly buys into innovation and what it produces.

Most businesses and organizations have stated and/or written values. In this highly engaging program, Sam will teach participants how to connect those values to all of their responsibilities and decisions, thereby tapping into the highest form of leadership™.

During this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Leverage the power of cultural values 
  • Connect your culture to your people
  • Use your values to drive all decisions
  • Inspire accountability in your organization
  • Develop an innovate approach to leading your culture?

No More Excuses: Lead Your Culture or Someone Else Will
“You either have a culture by default or a culture by design. The great thing is that, as a leader, you get to choose which.” 

--Sam Silverstein

As the Founder of The Accountability Movement™ and a former partner of manufacturing and distribution companies, Sam Silverstein empowers bold leadership within your organization. In this program, he shares several case studies about organizations that have defined their cultures to enable an environment of high performance, increased productivity, engaged employees and inspired accountability. Sam reveals powerful truths that will position you to take the necessary steps to innovate your ideal culture.

Attendees learn:

  • The importance of leveraging the immense power of values in a culture
  • How to connect everyone in your organization through your culture
  • Steps to take to establish your culture throughout your organization
  • The secret truth about what makes the most powerful cultures work
  • The one thing every leader must believe if they are going to effectively innovate their culture and drive accountability

The Accountable Leader’s Guide to Change: Driving Change Through Enhanced Leadership
The ability to initiate change in an organization rises and falls on leadership. Change looks different when viewed through the lens of accountability. The Accountable Leader doesn’t focus on changing what people do. They focus on changing the way their people think.

A former partner of manufacturing and distribution companies and Founder of The Accountability Movement™, Sam Silverstein helps you create a culture that inspires the act of change. This program focuses on the way a leader needs to think in order to inspire an environment where change is encouraged and embraced. Sam will share the critical thought processes necessary for leaders to drive change including:

  • What makes an Accountable Leader
  • Understanding the “Terms of Change”
  • The Change Categories all people fall into and how to communicate with each person successfully
  • How to empower your team so that they drive change for you
  • The one thing every leader must believe if they are going to effectively create an organization that thrives with change

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