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About Stacy Allison - Author, Mountaineer and Speaker on Risk, Teamwork and Leadership :

Stacy Allison has climbed the world's most famous mountain. Now she's helping organizations across the globe scale their own monumental challenges. Stacy understands mountains: she has been climbing mountains and leading expeditions for more than 20 years in remote regions around the world, including Tibet, Pakistan, and Russia. She also understands business: Stacy is president of Allison Construction, a residential building company in Portland, Oregon.

At the age of 21, Stacy began major alpine climbing in earnest and achieved rapid success. Within a year, Stacy reached the top of Alaska's Mt. McKinley, the highest point in North America, and was part of the first successful women's ascent of Ama Dablam, the 22,495 foot peak known as Nepal's Matterhorn. These accomplishments provided the groundwork for much greater accomplishments.

Stacy was the first American woman to top Pik Communism (now known as Ismoil Somoni Peak), at 24,600 feet, the tallest peak in the Russian Pamir Range. On her first attempt on Mt Everest, Stacy did not summit, but she returned to Mt. Everest with the Northwest American Everest Expedition. On September 29, 1988, after twenty-nine days on the mountain, Stacy became the first American woman to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, the world's highest mountain at 29,028 feet. Stacy then went on to become the leader of a successful K2 expedition, the world's second highest mountain, considered to be the most difficult peak on Earth to climb.

Stacy combines her business acumen and her spirit for adventure to show her audiences how to thrive in their organizations through courage, leadership, vision, teamwork, risk taking, and personal accountability. Stacy's high content, tailored, dynamic presentations will encourage and inspire you to take a visionary look at opportunities and move beyond your limits. The future will never look the same!

Stacy's first book, Beyond the Limits: a Woman's Triumph on Everest, is a suspenseful, triumphant adventure story. Her second, Many Mountains to Climb; Reflections on Competence, Courage and Commitment, is an exciting anecdotal account of climbing challenges practically applied to help you plot your way more surely to professional and personal success. Stacy also contributed a chapter on Leadership in the book, Upward Bound.

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What Stacy Allison Talks About:

Many Mountains to Climb!
Stacy will take you and your organization on an exciting journey to Mt Everest and into the world of high altitude climbing. That journey provides a powerful metaphor for many of the challenges businesses face today. Mt. Everest is one of the most unforgiving environments on Earth. For every three people who reach the summit of Everest, one dies trying. When the challenges are this great and the stakes are this high, each team member plays a critical role, not only in the team's success, but its very survival.

Decisions don't get much starker, and that's why mountains, though seemingly a planet apart from the world of construction, are a rich source of insights for managers and executives. More than just symbols of upward striving, mountains are high-altitude laboratories for leadership, team dynamics, risk-taking, vision, and change. Even though you and your associates may not experience arctic temperatures, hurricane force winds, or seemingly bottomless crevasses, you do face an increasingly competitive marketplace, a more dynamic and demanding customer base, and the challenge of consistently balancing profitability and growth. Running a successful organization is like climbing a mountain. Just like an expedition, you must forge an inspiring vision, build an accomplished team, overcome obstacles and stay focused, to consistently be your best and reach the top. Each team member's leadership, teamwork and motivation play critical roles in this success.

We Can Get There From Here: Teamwork, It Works! 
It's true for any team project--cooperation works! More than an idea, teamwork is essential for your organization's success and survival. Learn how to create a team environment that will improve the quality of life, level of performance, and the bottom line for you, your co-workers and your organization.

Reaching New Heights: Risk Taking 
Our accountability to others and ourselves defines our character. It determines our success and our ability to adjust to the challenges, changes and risks confronting us in today's world. Stacy demonstrates how the principles involved in climbing mountains apply to our everyday lives and how all of us can tap into our abilities and climb into the future with confidence and courage.

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