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About Stephen Harvill - Strategic Thinking Speaker and Consultant:

Described as an educator, trainer, and most importantly a catalyst, Stephen Harvill has developed dynamic approaches to the learning process. A holistic approach that integrates multimedia and participatory techniques, bring his cutting edge ideas to life.

Engaging and inspiring, his ideas, together with the most current knowledge available, influence the very way his audiences think. Couple this with an infectious and boundless energy and his presentations connect well past the end of the program.

Leadership, skill development, and strategic thinking headline the topics Stephen brings to his audiences. A scientific background with experience in organizational dynamics creates the perfect combination to help companies find the opportunity and leverage that exits in a rapidly changing world.

Stephen’s ideas will open your eyes and heart to the power found in the inspired mind. An author, consultant, and strategic partner to Fortune 500 companies and national non-profit organizations, his schedule has him traversing the globe.

His ability to customize his presentations to meet client’s requirements is one of his trademarks, creating a sense that he is speaking and teaching directly to their needs. For 30 years, Stephen has remained one of the most requested speakers in the country.

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What Stephen Havill Talks About:

Repeatable Successful Acts (RSA)
Most organizations know the metrics used to judge the success of their sales force. What they don’t know is the missing piece, it’s what their sales force DOES. What actions or behaviors generated those sales and which, if any, can be repeated to generate the same success?

  • 7 Different Industries Researched
  • 175 Top Sales Producers Interviewed
  • 1,750 Answers gained

A simple pattern of success was discovered. RSA offers 28 specific sales activities shared between industries that can be repeated by anyone.

This multimedia, interactive program introduces two years of research creating a simple, dynamic process you can apply TODAY!

Elegant Simplicity 
The death of effective planning lies in our desire for “more.” We believe that more allows us to gain ground, to move forward, but the reality is that more leads to complexity. The more complex a model, the less likely that model is to become reality. 

Creative Ventures presents a dynamic, multimedia, and interactive learning experience in strategic planning.

  • The Love of Complexity: Why we move towards complexity?
  • Simple vs. Easy: The key difference.
  • Are Systems Always the Solution?
  • The space between cause and effect.
  • The Power of 3: A powerful strategic model with only 3 parts.
  • Architects of Time: How to create TIME impact.
  • Band of Thinkers: The advantage of teams.
  • Thoughtful Reduction: A discipline of thinking that brings the model together.

Dazzling Blue: The Journey from Ordinary to Extraordinary
Why do we continually settle for ordinary, when the step to extraordinary is so simple? Why do we ignore the power of a simple story? Why do we miss the return we are given when we focus on the client experience? Why don’t we create opportunity instead of waiting for it and when we see the chance why don’t we make the opportunity scream WOW!

These questions form the core of the DAZZLING BLUE MOVEMENT, a journey to your ability to become extraordinary, to develop a sustained performance that will separate and differentiate you in a world continually marginalized by common experiences.

DAZZLING BLUE is one of the latest strategic platforms from Stephen Harvill and Creative Ventures. With DAZZLING BLUE you will be immersed in a multimedia experience specifically designed to provide you with a simple three part plan to start you on the journey to extraordinary.

The Idea Factory
Companies don’t suffer from a lack of ideas; they suffer from a lack of knowing what to do to make an idea impactful. They lack any sort of process around the development, implementation and measurement of ideas. In fact, according to the Maurer Group, 78% of companies have no idea system at all which leads to an average failure rate of 70% for new ideas launched!

Ideas vanish from a lack of understanding, a lack of agreement and an utter lack of engagement. For over 25 years Creative Ventures has been in the business of creating and developing ideas. We find our success in THE IDEA FACTORY, a simple, efficient and repeatable process for providing a systemic approach to the development of ideas. 

THE IDEA FACTORY provides a place for ideas to gain form, to discover function, and through a committed process, find value.

Looking to find a home for your ideas? Welcome to THE IDEA FACTORY!

The Once Upon a Time Project
Of all things in the universe that create power, perhaps none is more foundational than the power of story.

Stories are about a ONCE UPON A TIME idea. They revolve around emotion. A great story connects on multiple levels, it makes you feel something, it makes you want to know something and builds momentum around your goals.

THE ONCE UPON A TIME PROJECT is a strategic initiative around the skills needed to craft and tell a story, YOUR Story.

The right stories, the stories worth telling and retelling, are the “currency of human contact.”

The DNA of Success
In this strategic platform we share the results of a study into the leadership teams from seven different industries. This multimedia and interactive presentation will challenge your perception of impactful leadership!

The study resulted in a simple discovery – 11 shared behaviors that are directly connected to both individual and corporate success. These 11 behaviors cross industry barriers providing a menu driven model that, in singular choices or combinations, create a mechanism for success.

These ideas include…

  • Become an Architect of Time
  • Recognize the Power of Experimentation
  • Transformation vs. Transition

This cutting edge data creates a key foundation for the development of your leadership model!

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At the IBM Leadership Excellency University we have the highest expectations for our instructors and speakers. Steve is the first presenter to ever kick-off our program and then return to be the honored speaker at our graduation.


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