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About Tim Clue - Funny Motivational Speaker and Host/MC:

Hailing from a small town outside Chicago (and now making his home in the Windy City with his wife and daughter), Tim has brought to bear all his experiences from his years as an award-winning educator, his training at Second City and decades in stand-up comedy, and has synthesized his calling as a Humorous Motivational Speaker and Corporate Entertainer. 

After a decade as a professor of communications and speech, Tim took his then-budding comedy writing skills to the clubs. During his years as an ultra-clean comedian, Tim swiftly progressed to working with many well-known comics such as Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Wright and Larry Miller, to namedrop just a few and you may have caught some of Tim's humor on YouTube or XM/Sirius Satellite Radio. As a playwright and director, Clue's stage comedy "Leaving Iowa" nominated Best New Play in the Country during its premiere at actor Jeff Daniels' Purple Rose Theatre Company, is now published and performed in theaters all over the U.S. and Canada.

Now, as a Humorous Motivational Speaker and Team Builder, Tim has spoken before such notables as former President George H.W. Bush and economist Paul Krugman. Bringing 'social' back into the meeting space and inspiring and connecting his audiences through laughter, Tim Clue is dedicated to reinventing conferences one funny experience at a time.

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What Tim Clue Talks About:

Motivation: A Funny Thing
Tim Clue sees motivation as more of an experience than an idea. He is a Team Builder who creates motivational experiences through shared humor. Using laughter as a super connector, Tim's work behind the lectern is out in front - dynamic, inspirational, highly interactive and purposefully funny. Tim makes words such as 'synergy', 'team-building' and 'morale' not just a good play on Boardroom Bingo, but lasting, personalized tools an organization can put into play long after he leaves the room.

Bringing 'social' back into the meeting space, Tim uses his expertise in improv and comedy, coupled with his award-winning teaching practices, to increase the rate of familiarity and fun in any event. By designing unique, intimate and powerful exchanges, Tim gets people out of their seats and into his presentation, connecting them in entertaining yet thoughtful - and sometimes surprising - conversations. 

Says Tim: "Suddenly it's not my event, it's our event."

Endeavoring for years to find the right blend between laughter and motivation, Tim has developed a dynamic compound that stands alone; compelling, unique and fun. Discovering his greatest inspirations from a collection of worst practices and fabulous failures, Tim quickly learned that presentation - even in the business of humor - is never easy if you're really trying to create something that feels on-point and with purpose. This instructive ringleader uses humor as a tool to bring forth a bevy of inspiring and engaging experiences for conferences, conventions, management gatherings or client appreciation events, taking terms like motivation, team building, synergy, collaboration and outside-the-box thinking, and moving them from cliché into unforgettable encounters.

Whether as a conference keynote or as a master of ceremonies, it's his methods, your messages. Tim will move any audience as he collaborates on potent and absorbing moments that underscore and reflect the realities of this over-stimulated and distracted emailing, Facebooking, Tweeting world in which we now find ourselves living and working.

As Tim often says,"If you want them to hear it, tell them. If you want them to remember, make them laugh."

Comedy Keynote
Bone-crushingly funny, dynamic, squeaky clean, and adept at finding the pulse of your company and splicing it with his unique brand of high energy interactive humor, Tim Clue uses his razor sharp wit to custom-build keynotes for every client, making for an unforgettable and inspiring event. He puts together an original, interactive presentation that integrates your messages and culture with his humor, making for an unforgettable seminar. His stories are hilarious, but his message profound: only the relationships in our lives reflect the values and intensity with which we live. For Tim, Leadership needs Laughter and Comedy is Communication.

Unconventional Host
Tim's background as an award winning communication and speech professor explains his ability to be able to condense, distill and/or emphasize important messages that could be left behind. Added training with Second City and over 20 years as a professional stand-up makes Tim the perfect emcee: high energy, exceptionally interactive, and capable of making others' mistakes look intentional, brilliant, or at least hilarious. As the Unconventional Host, Tim kick-starts camaraderie with big laughs and creative, collaborative elements, and he's always clean. Deftly weaving your important message insights with his intelligent brand of humor, Tim is suitable for your team's awards banquets, client appreciation events, management meetings or any other type of gathering.

Especially for Educators... The Unlikely Teacher
It was implausible to think that a pupil like Tim Clue would or could ever become a college level instructor. Challenged by dyslexia and ADHD as a young man, Tim ultimately did earn his Master's degree and began his creative work in the classroom as a communications teacher and speech coach, spring-boarding him into a life as a professional clean comedian, published playwright, and ultimately, a highly inspiring and motivational speaker for all levels of educators, staff and administrators.

If you're searching for in-service day ideas, The Unlikely Teacher with professional development speaker Tim Clue is a wonderful way to reward and move an audience in any educational field. This award-winning, lifetime lecturer rethinks learning lessons to help rebuild 21st century minds.

For in service days, professional development events, or continuing education seminars, this inspirational speaker is simply... Smart. Dynamic. Unforgettable.

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Simply knock out funny... Tim's presentation not only garnered an overwhelming response from all of our associates, but his use of multi-media to heighten his presentation resonated exceptionally well.


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