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There are 3 basis audience outcomes from an outside Speaker’s presentation at a corporate event. We always ask clients this powerful question:

Which ONE of the following 3 outcomes do you want your audience thinking at the end of the Speaker’s presentation?

  1. Wow that was inspiring and motivating now I am ready for what’s next on the agenda.
  2. That was great I can’t wait to get back to my job on Tuesday and use those ideas.
  3. That was fascinating I should talk to my colleagues George and Susan about what I just heard.

Number one is great for either an opening or closing Speaker and can set the audience up perfectly for the CEO to deliver his message or send them home motivated. 

Number two is more hands on practical ideas to make people better at Leading, Selling, Customer Service, Communicating, tends to work better earlier in the day.

Number three is a perspective on a force affecting your business or industry, Economics, Tech, Geopolitics etc. It is great for mid-mornings or after lunch as people can discuss what they heard and its implications.

When should you start looking for a Speaker for your event?

Most Speakers are booked two to three months ahead of an event and many of the top Speakers can be booked 8-12 months out. The busiest months of the year for Speakers, in order of number of events, are:  May, June, October, April, February, September, January, March, November, December, July, August.

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