Making the Speaking Business More Customer Focused

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About Us

img aboutus 1 - About Us

Who We Are

When we first started this Agency we received some powerful advice from Tim Sanders, formerly of Yahoo! This is what he said:

“Don’t think about sales or closing deals, just position yourself so that whenever you can help someone you help them. 20% of the people will take your help and you will probably never hear from them again. But that won’t matter, because the other 80% will remember you, and how you helped them. That connection will create such great relationships with those clients, that not only will you build a great business – you will build a great life.”

We have followed that advice from the very day we heard it, and the results have been remarkable.

Our Speakers

In the past 20 years we have reviewed over 16,000 Speakers and picked the top 750 to list on our website.

Our speakers come from two main sources:

  • Research: We have a research team constantly looking at the latest Speakers on the circuit. Before we add any Speaker to our site, we review their references, their backgrounds and make sure they are committed delivering outstanding results for our clients.
  • Clients: We have a network of 3200 clients who have been booking speakers for 10-15 years and are our eyes and ears at thousands of events annually.

Our Promise

At the Sweeney Agency, we abide by a set of standards to meet our clients’ objectives and expectations of the Keynote Speaker they book:

  • Our clients are our priority # 1
  • We have been widely praised for our ability to ask the right questions so as to understand our clients’ event goals. That allows us to do the research, identify options and solutions.
  • We will deliver a customized proposal containing a list of speakers that are able to deliver on pertinent topics and the objectives on hand.
  • Our agents are sensitive to every nuance and are able to offer a rationale as to why a particular speaker is the right one for a specific client’s needs/event.
  • We do not rest on our laurels; if we don’t get it right initially, we go back to the drawing board, work with the client to clarify objectives further, and come up with more ideas to guarantee an excellent fit.
  • We hold our speakers to the highest standards of delivery, ensuring that they capture the minds—and hearts—of our clients and their audiences.

Thank you for joining us!

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