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How Do We Limit Speaker Travel Costs?

Ask the agency if the speaker has a set travel allowance to cover air and ground travel to the event, and most speakers do. A travel allowance is a set amount that you pay to the speaker to book and pay for his/her own travel. Speakers like travel allowances because…

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Should We Do Q&A with Our Speaker?

To make Q & A work, you need to manage it properly. The greatest challenge is stopping people who say they are going to ask a question but turn that question into a speech which frustrates the rest of the group. The most successful approaches are to either ask for…

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How Long Is the Average Keynote Presentation?

Most speakers deliver presentations that are 60-90 minutes long and are fairly flexible if the agenda changes on the event day and they need to add or deduct 10-15 minutes to their speech. The most important point is that you continuously communicate how much time you have on the agenda…

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What Kind of Speakers Do Salespeople Want to Hear From?

Our research shows that more than anything else salespeople in every industry want to learn new ideas and skills that help them sell more. They also like ideas on personal motivation and inspiration; however, ideas and tips on building client relationships, negotiating and opening new markets are what really gets…

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What Makes a Great Closing Speaker?

After 2 or 3 days of content, you need to send people away with an emotional connection to what they have just experienced. All that data over the previous 2-3 days will be further diluted if you end with another data presentation. Instead, consider ending with a powerful story that…

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What’s the Best Kind of Speaker to Open an Event?

We have been helping clients find speakers for their events for 14 years, and without a doubt speakers that focus on some aspect of communications are a great choice to open an event. Conferences are really great pools of information and ideas circulating at a specific venue, but not all…

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