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The Crisis That Made The Eurozone

Most economists have been too pessimistic about the Eurozone crisis. The famous names who forecast a Eurozone breakup – Martin Wolf, Niall Ferguson – were generally guilty of confusing “broken” with “cannot be fixed”. There were good reasons for this confusion. Politicians in European countries engaged in repeated games of…

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Conflict Strategies for Nice People, from Team and Leadership Psychologist, Liane Davey

Do you value friendly relations with your colleagues? Are you proud of being a nice person who would never pick a fight? Unfortunately, you might be just as responsible for group dysfunction as your more combative team members. That’s because it’s a problem when you shy away from open, healthy…

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Realizing Your Olympic Dreams

Believe it or not, you are only six inches away from experiencing huge successes and breakthroughs in your life. Six inches? Sure! That’s the distance between your ears. What I’m saying is you were created with all the resources needed to make your fondest dreams come true. You only need…

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Look for Purposeful Tangents

According to a recent Huffington Post/YouGov poll 28% of Americans did not read a book last year. As an author, I find this both disappointing and yet not surprising. Fortunately most people read. But is what you are reading enhancing your creativity, or just furthering your intellect? Most people who…

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Lessons In Teamwork from NYT Best-Selling Author, Robyn Benincasa

I’ve learned about building world class teams the hard way: by winning the world’s toughest adventure races. From the leech-infested jungles of Borneo to the towering peaks of Tibet, my teams have run, paddled, mountain biked, climbed, and whitewater rafted for up to ten non-stop days and nights, with no…

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