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Let’s Simplify Innovation

What’s your biggest challenge? Remember the Rule of 3 to 5 Start small Innovation. Big, complicated subject. Let’s try to make it just a little simpler together, with a few easy steps… 1. Know Your Biggest Innovation Challenge It’s not some break-the-rules start-up, or a 14 year-old who…

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Why You Should Treat Laughter As A Metric

I was following the same yoga video I had followed more than 30 times in the past. Because I know the routine well, I usually have little trouble breathing rhythmically through the postures, feeling the subtleties of each movement, and sliding gently into a mind-body meditation. This time, though, was…

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Shine a Light on Your Fears

I believe that many of us spend our lives running wildly through an endless pitch black corridor desperately searching for a light switch. The dark consists of all our fears. Suddenly we find a light switch and frantically turn it on. Light! Relief! Our fears are gone. We are happy.

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3 Tips for Helping Employees Take Ownership In Their Jobs

Are your employees owners or renters? Studies have shown that employees who take an ownership in their jobs are more accountable for their performance, helping lead the company to greater success. A leader’s first step in building accountability in a company’s culture is making sure everyone owns something. Everyone needs…

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