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A Great Leader Has Three Plans

Great leaders don’t need just one plan – they need three! A strategic plan A professional plan A personal plan The strategic plan is the core to any successful organization. Created through a process of evaluation of the current state, recognition and agreement of where we want to be at…

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How Google Humanizes Technology In The Workplace and You Can, Too

Technology keeps us from interacting face-to-face more often, but Google is changing the way we adapt to this new era of communication. The Internet turned 25-years-old a few weeks ago, a milepost that commemorates the day Tim Berners-Lee proposed the creation of a new kind of “information management system,” and…

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Could You Be a Stressaholic?

Stress, like love or beauty, lies in the eyes of the beholder. In perhaps it’s most simple definition, stress is simply a stimulus for change. Positive opportunities such as a family vacation, getting married or even winning the lottery all come with their share of stress and stimulation. And while…

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