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Win at Workplace Conflict

No matter how sound or well-intentioned your ideas, there will always be people inside — and outside — your organization who are going to oppose you. Getting things done often means that you’re going to go head to head with people who have competing agendas. In my career studying…

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Borderlands: The View From Azerbaijan

I arrive in Azerbaijan as the country celebrates Victory Day, the day successor states of the former Soviet Union celebrate the defeat of Germany in World War II. No one knows how many Soviet citizens died in that war — perhaps 22 million. The number is staggering and represents…

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Behind every story stock is a great storytelling CEO

Opinion: Innovation and motivation hinge on clear communication It has become fashionable to exhort leaders to tell stories, but why? What’s really at stake? Is it just a matter of making yourself a slightly more interesting leader? No. Stories have enormous power to change our perception of reality. Before…

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Meet Celebrity Chef and Gastronaut, Bob Blumer

Culinary adventurer, chef, artist and seven time Guinness World Record holder Bob Blumer is the creator and host of the television series Surreal Gourmet, and Glutton for Punishment, and a producer and host of World’s Weirdest Restaurants. His shows air in over twenty countries…

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