10 Great Speakers On The Trends That Are Shaping The Future of Business

Twenty years ago, most of us have never heard of the Internet nor could we have imagined how it would change our lives. We started hearing about Facebook just ten years ago, but it, along with the various other social media platforms, has impacted the way we communicate, work, and do business. Clients are constantly asking us for Speakers who can talk about the technological forces that are coming down the pipeline. Below 10 of our best Futurists identify the key technological advances they believe will dramatically  change how we work and live:

Daniel Burrus – Bestselling Author, Global Futurist & Innovation Expert: Over the next five years, exponential advances in technology will transform (not a change) every business process including how we sell, market, communicate, collaborate, innovate, and educate. Rapid advancements in both Cognitive and Deep Learning supercomputers and our ability to access them using intelligent agents from our smart mobile devices will allow anyone to have focused access to the actionable knowledge and insights they require at the moment of need. This is one example of how work will change in the next five years.

Video Link: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Daniel-Burrus

Garry Golden –  Academically Trained Futurist and Speaker on Emerging Trends: Garry Golden is a professionally trained futurist who writes, speaks, and consults about issues that will shape society and business in the 21st century. His uncanny sense of what will hit—and what won’t—can be seen in futurethink’s research and heard in his international keynotes and corporate leadership seminars. His insights on how to align talent development to coming industry and market transitions have been shared with and implemented by such organizations as the McGraw-Hill Companies, Goodyear, S&P, and Reliant Energy.

Video Link: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Garry-Golden

Dr. James Canton – Global Futurist and Business Strategist: Dr. James Canton is a renowned global global futurist, social scientist, author, and visionary business advisor. As a former Apple Computer executive and high tech entrepreneur, he has been insightfully forecasting the key trends and technologies that have shaped our world. The Economist recognizes him as one of the leading global futurists. He has advised three White House Administrations and over 100 companies.

Video Link: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Dr.-James-Canton

Nancy Giordano – Futurist, Corporate Strategist & Speaker: Described as endlessly optimistic, Nancy Giordano is a strategic futurist with a drive to help enterprise organizations and visionary leaders transform to meet the escalating expectations ahead. Recognized as one of the world’s top female futurists, she has spent her career building, shaping and evolving a portfolio of $50 billion worth of major global brands.  Executives love her unique abilities to sense and synthesize the shifts ahead and to guide those ready to build more relevant and sustainable solutions.

Video Link: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Nancy-Giordano

Richard Worzel – Futurist & Business Visionary: AI—Artificial Intelligence—is finally coming on very quickly after decades of hype and false starts; and, it’s going to be a game-changer in a lot of ways, both personally and in business. It will change transportation, as we’ve seen with all the headlines about self-driving cars, but also self-driving transport trucks. And, it will change business by helping us identify trends, make use of Big Data in better, more insightful ways, and perform strategic planning and marketing campaigns that are far more complex, are far more granular (i.e. more customized to each customer’s needs), and take into account a much greater range of factors. It will be like having a second, more analytical brain providing insight and advice.

Video Link: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Richard-Worzel

Christina “CK” Kerley – Innovation Keynoter, Futurist, and Professor: Christina Kerley — known simply as “CK” — pushes Fortune 500’s ahead of the curve through the 10+ tech dominating the next 10 years. An innovative tech forerunner for 20+ years, CK takes on the big topics, like: The Tech Megatrends; Future-Proof; The Human-Robot Revolution; Business In The AI Age; Hi-Tech Health; Next-Gen Marketing; and The Reskilling Revolution.

Video Link: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Christina-Kerley

Tom Koulopoulos – Leading Futurist, Innovation, and Technology Expert: Tom Koulopoulos is chairman of the Boston-based global futures think tank Delphi Group, which was named one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine. Tom is also the author of eleven books, a frequent business commentator on MSNBC, a columnist for Inc.com, an adjunct professor at Boston University Graduate School of Management, an Executive in Residence at Bentley University, the past Executive Director of the Babson College Center for Business Innovation, and past Executive Director of the Dell Innovation Lab.

Video Link: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Tom-Koulopoulos

Erica Orange – Leading Futurist & Speaker on Global Trends: Erica Orange is Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of The Future Hunters, one of the world’s leading futurist consulting firms. She evaluates emerging social, technological, economic, political, demographic and environmental trends – and identifies the strategic implications of those trends for several of the most influential Fortune 500 companies, trade associations and public sector clients.

Video Link: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Erica-Orange

Mike Walsh – Futurist and Authority on Digital Trends: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been talked about since the 1950s, but only now—with the exponential increase in data being generated about the world, and the exponential decrease in computing costs—are we starting to see applications that will transform the future of work. Many repetitive, routine tasks, will be replaced by AI—but the robots are not coming for all of our jobs. The real question is not whether we should fear machine intelligence, but rather, what might be the true potential of human intelligence in the 21st Century?

Video Link: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Mike-Walsh

Scott Klososky – Technology Futurist & Internet of Things Expert I think what will change the way we work the most will be massive increases in the flow of data that we do not have today. Today we are virtually blind to things going on around us, at our office, at our home, with our kids, with our employees.  In 5 years we will have ten times the flow of information coming to us about these things.  We will simply be less blind—in real time.  That will have a huge impact on how we work, when we work, and where we work.

Video Link: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Scott-Klososky

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Derek Sweeney is the Director of Speaker Ideas at The Sweeney Agency. www.thesweeneyagency.com. For 15 years Derek has been helping clients find the right Speakers for their events. Derek can be reached at 1-866-727-7555 or [email protected]

7 Ways You Can Build Trust at Work


Building and communicating trust is essential in every work environment. Whether you are a leader, a team member or an entrepreneur, helping people understand that they can count on you is a powerful way to build great relationships in business and in life. Here are tips on building trust from 7 of our most requested Leadership Speakers.

David Horsager, Author of “The Trust Edge”“The number one action people can take to improve trust at work is to make and keep a commitment – especially the small ones that happen every day! Doing what you say you will do, when you said you would do it (even when you don’t feel like it), is one of the best ways to improve trust at work.” –https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/David-Horsager

Dan Coughlin, Speaker on Accelerating Your Impact as Leader “Building trust is easy to explain and semi-hard to do. First, always do what you said you would do. If you can’t do it, then communicate ahead of time that you won’t be able to do it. Second, apologize when you do something wrong. Don’t try to avoid the consequences, just say, “I was wrong. I apologize. ”https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Dan-Coughlin

Ty Bennett, Speaker and Author of “Partnership is the New Leadership” Leaders who are accessible, approachable & authentic create a conversational leadership style that builds trust with their people. That’s why I believe in today’s world, Partnership is the new leadership. https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Ty-Bennett

Libby Gill, Executive Coach and Leadership Expert Fearless feedback is one of the best trust-builders in the workplace. People at all levels appreciate purposeful feedback given from the heart that has the individual’s and the organization’s best interests in mind. Clear and concise comments that blend kindness and candor engage both the giver and the receiver in an ongoing communication loop that ultimately builds trust, respect, and performance. If you’re not getting feedback, ask for it!https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Libby-Gill

Anthony “AB” Bourke, Former F-16 Fighter Pilot and Speaker on Leadership and Teamwork. Trust can be earned over time through core qualities of honesty, loyalty and transparency.   Once a pilot becomes a member of a squadron, trust is accelerated through continued tactical training missions followed by open and honest feedback sessions that we call Debrief. Debrief is a safe zone where pilots provide each other honest feedback that celebrates best practices and corrects execution errors.  This “open kimono” approach to embracing continuous improvement is a powerful tool to building trust amongst peers and driving better results in any organization.https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Anthony-Bourke

Victoria Labalme, Founder of The Throughline™, Risk Forward & Rock The Room® “If you want to build trust, learn to listen. There is nothing quite so powerful as giving someone your full attention. In this crazy-busy world, true listening Stops Time. The people to whom you are closest are those who truly listen, who don’t interrupt you, and who don’t pounce the moment you’re done speaking. If you want your team to express their best ideas, innovate, commit and pour their heart into their work, you need to allow them to express their thoughts, however awkwardly they may emerge, follow their Throughline (the driving force in all they do), and provide for them the safety and the springboard to Risk Forward.” https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Victoria-Labalme

Nick Morgan, Communications Expert and Author of “Power Cues: The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact. How do you improve trust at work?  Develop an authentic personal style, and disclose some — but by no means all — personal struggles you have worked through.  We develop trust when we share problems. https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Dr.-Nick-Morgan