Making the Speaking Business More Customer Focused

5 Ways Millennials Have Reshaped the Workplace

Clients from every industry regularly ask us for Speakers who can deliver presentations about managing different generations in the workplace. The four generational groups—the Matures, the Boomers, the Gen-Xers, and the Millennials—have seemingly incompatible views on leadership, and approach work based on each group’s defining core values.  Here,…

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6 Ways to Get Healthy At Work

Companies have woken up to the fact that encouraging and helping employees lead healthier lives benefits everyone. We are regularly asked by Companies  for Speakers that can deliver practical ideas on Health and Wellness that their employees can use everyday.  The following are 6 of our best Health and Wellness Speakers sharing their valuable…

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12 Highest Rated Leadership Speakers

More and more clients are asking us for Speakers who can show their Leaders how to engage, inspire, encourage, and develop their employees and teams. Here are our highest rated Speakers on the new World of Leadership. Mike Abrashoff, Former Commander, USS Benfold Mike Abrashoff‘s inspiring speeches challenge people to re-imagine their…

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