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Heads Down VS. Heads Up by Josh Linkner

We’ve all heard people in the business world proclaim that they are “heads down” on a project. Or that they are unable to explore new opportunities since they are “heads down in execution mode.” Consider, for a moment, the advantages of being “heads up” instead. Let’s compare the two states…

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Success Boiled Down To One Simple Phrase by Seth Mattison

Over the past few months I’ve been spending a lot of time studying and reflecting on what makes some individuals rise to extreme heights while others simply seem to be settling for a life on the sidelines. What makes the difference? What are the people that are thriving doing differently?…

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Are you Engaged Or Supporting at Work? by Waldo Waldman

Situational awareness (SA) means having a 360 degree picture of your environment and can increase your ability to adapt to change and improve your chances of success. The key to building SA is teamwork, and a critical component of teamwork is understanding one’s roles and responsibilities in every engagement. In…

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What’s Dragging Down Team Performance? Tips from Mike Abrashoff

A work environment teeming with bureaucracy, trivial work tasks, and inefficient leaders chokes enthusiasm and builds impenetrable barriers to success. It’s your job to make sure these barriers to great ideas are torn down. You must establish trust and create the ideal climate so your people can do their best…

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How 2 CEOs Used Purpose to Unite Their Companies by Jeanne Bliss

Nostalgic for his mother’s thick and natural yogurt years after immigrating from the mountains of Eastern Turkey, Hamdi Ulukaya got a small business loan in 2007 for $700,000 to make his own yogurt. He bought a Kraft yogurt plant that was about to be shut down to produce his yogurt, which…

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10 Speakers That Were Trending in October 2018

Every month, Clients call, email, and even text us asking about different Speakers they are considering for upcoming events.  They ask questions, view videos, read testimonials and in some cases request a call with a Speaker, something we are delighted to arrange. Based on all that activity, here are the 10 Speakers…

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Leadership = Solving Problems by Ty Bennett

A few weeks ago we realized that we lost the one and only key to one of our four-wheelers at our cabin. I rolled it up the trailer and took it to the local ATV shop and asked them to put in a new ignition so that we could have…

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No Exit From the US-Saudi Relationship by Jacob Logan Shapiro

The Saudi government is probably not in immediate danger. King Salman and MBS have successfully centralized control of the major nodes of power in Saudi Arabia: the tribal elites, the national guard, the military, the interior ministry and the clerics. The speculation that MBS will be ditched because of Khashoggi’s…

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4 Great Books on Communications Everyone Should Read

We have been reviewing and researching speakers on communication for 18 years and have seen some incredibly  insightful presentations. Based on client feedback, here are 4 of the best books on communications by 4 great speakers. Kindra Hall – Author, Speaker, and Communication Expert Kindra Hall knows the challenges executives, top performers and brands experience as…

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Decisions: How To Manage Grey Space by Ross Shafer

Your life will be judged by the thousands of decisions you have made. Some decisions will be as easy. Some will be hard. Others live in what is called GREY SPACE. Come back in five seconds and I’ll explain how to manage the GREY SPACE. RLC . Ross Shafer here…

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