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AI in Daily life by Mike Walsh

Futurist Mike Walsh is always ahead of the curve. In this video from a recent keynote, Mike shares the next big change coming in AI – it’s all about how we interface with technology where our interactions will be entirely natural. Watch this video on how China is an amazing example of…

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The 14 Rules of History-Making Teams by Josh Linkner

It’s often been said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The notion is that the belief system – or core operating principles – of an organization are what matters most at the ground level. These core beliefs guide everyday decision-making, behavior, and responses to challenges. Clearly defined core values permeate…

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10 New Speakers That Made a Big Impact in 2018

Each month our team of researchers review about 30-40 new Speakers. They watch videos, call references, talk to previous clients and then, using all that data, rate each Speaker on a scale of 1-100.  In 2018 we reviewed 518 new Speakers and picked the top 10% to join our Agency.

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