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The #1 Psychological Leadership Hack

About Connie Podesta Connie Podesta is a game-changing, idea-generating ball of fire whose rare blend of humour, substance, style and personality have made her one of the most memorable, in-demand speakers in the world today. Topics on sales, leadership, change, life balance and success. And (what we all probably could…

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4 Ways to Boost Productivity and Performance Like Pro Athletes

About Matt Mayberry Matt Mayberry, a former NFL linebacker for the Chicago Bears, is currently one of the most-read columnists for Entrepreneur Magazine – as well as an acclaimed keynote speaker, author, and peak-performance strategist. Using a real-world approach, he specializes in maximizing the performance of organizations, teams, and individuals all over…

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5 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Confidence

About Pamela Barnum Pamela Barnum is a former undercover police officer and federal prosecutor who helps organizations increase trust, strengthen motivational strategies – and improve negotiation outcomes using insider nonverbal communication skills. As a body language expert and trust strategist, Pamela delivers techniques once thought of as a “secret second language” that…

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10 Practical Ways to Practice Gratitude

About Nataly Kogan Nataly Kogan, a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, found that after reaching the highest levels of corporate America, she still wasn’t happy. Nataly came to the United States as a refugee from Russia when she was 13 and overcame significant obstacles on her way to achieving…

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The Most Important Act of a Transformational Leader

About Michelle Ray Born in Australia and now residing in Vancouver, Canada, leadership expert, Michelle Ray is an award-winning speaker and founder of the Lead Yourself First Institute. Michelle began her career in the media industry with one of Australia’s leading broadcasting networks. She worked her way up the management ladder and was…

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#1 Myth about Stress Management

About Sam Silverstein Leadership keynote speaker, Sam Silverstein is one of the World’s Top 30 Organizational Culture Professionals. This best-selling author on leadership, shows organizations how to innovate their culture, live their core values and inspire accountability throughout the entire operation. As a former executive and business owner in manufacturing and distribution, Sam…

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10 Minutes of Motivation from 3 Great Speakers

About These Speakers Molly Fletcher | Inspiring Speaker on Leadership, Business Development, and Peak Performance Molly Fletcher is a trailblazer in every sense of the word — a rare talent of business wisdom, relationship brilliance and unwavering optimism. A popular keynote speaker, she shares the unconventional techniques that helped…

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10 Speakers That Were Trending in December 2019

Every month, Clients call and email us asking for Speaker Ideas for their upcoming events. We listen carefully to learn about their conference theme, audience and event objectives. Using their input we do the research to deliver powerful Speaker ideas that will inspire, educate and help make their event a…

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