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What Does It Mean To Be Customer-Centric In 2021?

By Blake Morgan – Customer Experience Futurist, Keynote Speaker and Author Many companies aim to be customer-focused but struggle to know what it actually looks like and how to truly make customers the center of their businesses.   Customer experience is continually evolving as technology and customer demands change.

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How Expectations of Your Team Impact Customer Experience

Improve your customer experience by creating expectations within your team by Customer Service expert & keynote speaker Scott McKain at The Sweeney Agency Speakers Bureau.

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How to Build Trust in a Digital World

For as long as people have been working together, trust has played a role in who we dealt with, sold to, purchased from, or shook hands with. However, as virtual interactions became the norm over the last year, trust between colleagues, businesses, and individuals took on a different…

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How to Build a Dynamic Speaker Series

Looking for new ways to create a dynamic event for your team in an era of Zoom Gloom? Consider hosting a Speaker Series to drive engagement over a defined period of time with expert speakers across a wide variety of topics that are relevant to your organization or audience. Let’s…

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